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May 8, 2018; Liverpool, NS:  Privateer Park and Centennial Park, located on Liverpool, Nova Scotia’s  waterfront are soon to have two significant additions that reflect the areas’ history.  At the May 8, 2018 Regular Council meeting of the Region of Queens Municipality, Council approved a motion to authorize the Terrence “Tiger” Warrington support committee to place its commemorative statue in Privateer Park, Liverpool, NS in June 2018,  and also approved a motion to authorize Royal Canadian Legion Mersey Branch #38 to seek out an appropriate field gun for placement in Centennial Park in 2019.

“Queens County has a varied and diverse history, and passionate volunteers with a desire to celebrate the history of the community and our residents.  Council is pleased to approve a prominent location to showcase the statue of Tiger Warrington, a beloved local boxer who reached international fame as a result of his skill,” said David Dagley, mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “We are also happy to allocate a spot in Centennial Park, across the street from the Royal Canadian Legion Mersey Branch #38, for placement of a field gun.  Our veterans have served our country, and placement of a field gun will help the public and veterans to remember the sacrifices that were made in pursuit of the freedoms we now enjoy.”

There are limited financial implications resulting from consenting to locations for the statue and field gun; each will require a concrete pad, costing approximately $3,000 each.  The Terrence “Tiger” Warrington support committee intends to reimburse the Region of Queens Municipality for the costs, while there is no funding dedicated to the base for the field gun in the current fiscal budget.  It will be budgeted in the 2019/2020 budget.