Region of Queens Municipality

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January 9, 2018; Liverpool, NS: The Council of the Region of Queens Municipality will be entering two purchase and sale agreements for surplus land in Liverpool. At the January 9, 2018 Regular Council meeting, Council approved entering a purchase and sale agreement for five adjacent parcels of land, known locally as the former Gorham School properties, and also approved entering a purchase and sale agreement for three adjacent lots located off Bristol Avenue, Liverpool, NS, near the Mersey River.

“The two sales comprise land that the Municipality had acquired a number of years ago, on separate occasions, and had declared surplus to Municipal use,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “The possible development and revenue generated from the sale of these properties, and future taxation helps to provide for Municipal services throughout the Region of Queens.”

The former Gorham School properties consist of two parcels zoned R-1 (Residential) and three zoned I-1 (Institutional), being sold to Gregory Thomas for $81,000 plus HST. The closing date of the purchase and sale agreement is February 8, 2018. The three lots of land near Bristol Avenue are zoned C-2 (Highway Commercial), and are being sold to 3303407 Nova Scotia Limited for the price of $30,000 plus HST with a closing date on or before March 31, 2018. The powers of a Municipality regarding property, including purchase and sale of Municipal properties, are governed under the Municipal Government Act, sections 50 and 51.