Region of Queens Municipality

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October 24, 2017; Liverpool, NS:  A new policy approval by the Council of the Region of Queens Municipality provides guidelines and protocols for flag flying on municipally owned flag poles. At the October 24, 2017 Regular Council meeting, Council approved Operational Policy 84- Flag Flying , a new policy that outlines protocol for the appropriate manner for flying and displaying flags on municipally owned flag poles, protocol and location for flying flags of non- profit organizations’ flags, and protocol for flying flags at half mast.

“In developing and approving a policy on flag flying, Council has established reasonable parameters for flying flags requested by organizations as well as guidelines as to when it is appropriate to fly flags at half mast in the Region of Queens,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality.

Council has approved a policy that includes an opportunity for non profit organizations to fly their flags, or to denote occasions of significance in the community, using the Region’s special purpose flag pole located next to the VIC and bridge on the Liverpool waterfront. Flags will be flown for a two week period. Among the flags that will be flown in two week increments are the Pan African Flag for African Heritage Month in February, National Volunteer Week flag in April, the Pride flag in June, the Mi’kmaq Nation flag for National Aboriginal Day in June and for Mi’kmaq History Month in October, and the Veterans Flag during Veterans Week in November. Non profit organizations may submit a completed application one month prior to the date they would like their flag flown.

The policy also outlines when flags will fly at half mast at the Region of Queens Administration Building and at Queens Place Emera Centre, which includes observing the death of specific heads of state; current or former Mayors, Wardens or Councillors of the Region of Queens Municipality, the former Town of Liverpool, and the former Municipality of Queens; along with other dates of national or international importance, following the provincial example. On the following dates, flags will also be flown at half mast: November 11 in respect for Remembrance Day, April 28 in respect of the Day of Mourning for Persons Killed or Injured in the Workplace, and December 6 in respect of National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

Operational Policy 84 is effective immediately, and the policy and application for usage of the Special Purpose Flag Pole may be viewed on the Region of Queens website ( , or contact the Region of Queens Municipality for a copy by calling 902-354-3453 or in person at the Administration Building, 249 White Point Road, Liverpool, NS.