Region of Queens Municipality

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Sept. 26, 2017;  Liverpool, NS:  At the Sept. 26th Regular Council meeting, the Council of the Region of Queens Municipality today approved a staff recommendation to declare the property surplus and to have tenants vacate the former Mount Pleasant School by June of 2019. The recommendation also included giving direction to staff to work with the four tenants, the Queens County Food Bank, Queens Day Care, Queens Learning Network and the Queens Family Resource Centre, to consider relocating these important community services to other acceptable locations.

“Declaring the property surplus to Municipal Requirements is a technical term which allows options, and the building is in need of short term repairs.  A long term increase in the maintenance budget would have an impact on taxes, but the services provided at the old Mount Pleasant School are important services for the community,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “Many residents in Queens depend upon the services provided by the Queens County Food Bank, the South Shore Family Resource Centre, the Queens Learning Network , the Queens County Daycare Association, and the volunteer initiative Plant To Plate. Council is supportive of these organizations.  Prior to a  move becoming necessary, we will work with the tenants to help them find suitable space in the community, and will give them adequate notice to help facilitate their move to ensure these valuable services continue to be provided in our community.”

In support of long term capital planning, a building condition assessment was completed on the facility.  The assessment revealed that current deferred maintenance is escalating to the point where the current level of maintenance will need to double over the next 25 years to keep it in suitable condition for tenants.  This reality may not be financially sustainable for the municipality, the tenants, or their clients.  Based on this imminent cost, it was recommended that the municipality work with each of the four tenants to look at alternative location options.  The four services provided are important to citizens of Queens and finding other financially sustainable locations is something that the Region may need to address over the next two years. 

The four tenants currently utilize the former Mount Pleasant School, 108 College St., Liverpool, NS.  This building was constructed in 1957, had been transferred to the Region of Queens Municipality many years ago, after it was declared surplus by the South Shore Regional School Board.