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July 13, 2017; Liverpool, NS:   In just 14 months, more than 5,700 people from across Canada and the United States of America have taken a virtual journey in Liverpool, NS with a view to retiring in the area.  Liverpool resident Peter Ripple launched the website retiretoliverpool.com in April 2016 to promote Liverpool and area as an ideal choice for to those considering retirement options.

“Mr. Ripple shows a great deal of community pride in hosting and managing the Retire to Liverpool website,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality.  “To have a citizen spreading the word about the benefits of residing in Queens County, supports the work that Council is doing to grow the population and economy.  We have taken some steps to work with Mr. Ripple in promoting his website, which has many links back to the Region of Queens website.” The Region of Queens Municipality ran a targeted Facebook ad in Ontario in June, directing people to retiretoLiverpool.com, which showed an increase to the website traffic, as well as additional traffic on the Region of Queens Facebook page.  A highway sign has also been placed near the 103, by exit 19 on Queens Crossing land with the Retire to Liverpool web address.

Ripple receives enquiries about the area through the website, and reports that at least six families have moved to the area as a result of the information in the Retire to Liverpool website.    Ripple set up and maintains the site with his own funds, and does not generate revenue from the website.

“I think it is in all of our interests to promote Queens County as a destination for people to live, regardless of their ages,” said Ripple.  “I would encourage you to use the site as a means of promoting Liverpool/Queens as a great place to live.”

Inspired to take action by the results of the 2011 census data that showed Queens County’s population was in decline and aging, and the loss of some longstanding businesses in the community, Ripple features aspects of Queens County that are desirable to those who are at the age to consider their retirement options.  RetiretoLiverpool.com features information about what’s available in Liverpool, with sections on health and wellness; recreational opportunities; services and area businesses; housing and cost of living; arts, culture and entertainment; and the temperate climate.  Those browsing the website will see many pictures of the amenities, natural beauty and abundant arts, culture and recreational opportunities available to residents.