Region of Queens Municipality

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May 23, 2017; Liverpool, NS: Properties that the Region of Queens Municipality has determined are surplus to the needs of the Municipality will be put up for sale. At the May 23, 2017 Council meeting, Council approved a motion that would see nine properties listed in the real estate market.

“It is important to unlock development potential in Queens, and in putting these properties up for sale, there is an opportunity for commercial and residential development,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “The properties were not utilized by the Municipality, and if they are sold will add to the Municipal tax base. Potentially, some of them may be developed to fulfill needs of community, such as housing or business development.”

Municipal staff conducted a systematic review of assets of the Region of Queens Municipality, with the intent to put underutilized properties on the market. Revenues from the sale of property and the resulting tax collection would contribute to advancing the priorities of the Municipality. Following the approval of the nine surplus properties, Council also approved a motion declaring the former Buckfield Community Hall surplus, and directing staff to begin the process of divesting that property.

A Commercial Realtor Services Request for Proposals was awarded to Turner Drake in June 2016; they will list the larger parcels that have subdivision opportunities. A short form Request for Proposal will be issued, and a local realtor will be selected to list the smaller properties. The nine properties have a total value of $158,900.