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May 23, 2017; Liverpool, NS: A significant part of the history of Liverpool will be acknowledged through the renaming of a street. Council of the Region of Queens Municipality approved the renaming of Elm Street to Welder’s Way, a name suggested in a contest that the Municipality organized in March and April.

“Welder’s Way is a nice acknowledgement of the important role that that the ship repair and fabrication company Thompson Brothers and later Stenpro had on Liverpool over the years,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “Our economy and population was positively affected by the welders of Stenpro, and it seems appropriate and fitting to name a street located near the former site of the plant.”

The renaming of Elm Street came to Council following a complaint by the public regarding the presence of two Elm Streets in Region of Queens Municipality, including one in Brooklyn and one in Liverpool, which has caused confusion with couriers and potentially emergency response. Since the closure of a portion of Water Street, Elm Street was only accessible from one end, and has no street addresses, although it provides driveway access from it to two properties on Main Street.

Following further consideration of the matter, and specifically related to the fact that two properties on Main Street retain property (driveway) access from Elm Street, it had been determined that a better approach would be to simply rename the street instead of a full closure, which would create a scenario where the Region would still need to maintain the property as a street.

Twenty six submissions were received in a contest that asked residents of the Region of Queens to submit names to be considered. Region of Queens’ staff received the submissions, and removed names that were duplicate to existing streets, and also contacted individuals and the families of those whose names had been submitted for consent that their names be considered. Several names were removed at the request of individuals or the families of those nominated. Councillors ranked their preferences of the submitted names, and Welder’s Way received the top score. Welder’s way was the name nominated by Jane Dunlop-Stevenson of Liverpool, who noted in her submission, “Welder's Way....as it headed to Stenpro where much welding was done. I think they contributed greatly behind the scenes working, raising families, and helping the economy of our area, for a very long time. Recognize the little guy.”

The final list of names brought forward for Council’s consideration is as follows:

Frank Bell Lane

Vivian Burke Lane

Clarke Drive

Farrell Road

Sid Ford Lane

Ron Lane

Ron Lane Avenue

John Leefe Lane

Leefe Street

Leefe Lane

Tim McDonald Road

Tim McDonald Lane

Perkins Lane

Perkins Street

Simeon Perkins Blvd.

Polly’s Lane

Sanford Street or Sanford Lane

Short Street

Arthur Sproul Sr. Street or A. Sproul Sr. Street or Sproul Street

Terrance Warrington Road

Welder’s Way

Armand Avenue

Municipal staff will submit the name change for the street to a central database registry, to ensure that all emergency services maps and other electronic mapping systems are updated with the new name. A sign denoting the new street name is being ordered and will be posted on its arrival in a few weeks.

“Thank you to all residents of Queens for their thoughtful submissions of names in the contest, and a special thank you to Jane Dunlop-Stevenson,” said Mayor Dagley. “The names brought forth showed a great deal of pride in our community, and pride in residents, current and historically, who have made positive impacts on Queens County.”