Region of Queens Municipality

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March 28, 2017; Liverpool, NS: The Region of Queens Municipality and the Queens Community Aquatic Society are continuing to examine the potential for an indoor community pool. At the February 14, 2017 Regular Council meeting, Council approved a motion to:
1. Continue to work with the Queens Community Aquatic Society to develop a budget and business plan for an indoor pool project, including construction and operation, and return to Council for final consideration;
2. Commit to the development of the pool project as the priority recreation infrastructure capacity building project, including the deferral of all new funding commitments for new recreation services or recreation infrastructure, until the final decision to proceed or not is made; And,
3. Continue to inform and engage with the public on program and facility design, budget development, and financial implications.

At the March 28, 2017 Meeting, the following updates were provided:
• A project webpage will be available in early April on the website with all background information on the work to date for the public to view;
• A public solicitation for information (called a Request for Information) on pool builders and suppliers will be issued soon to provide the group better information on project options and costs.

The QCAS is a nonprofit organization formed in 2015 by residents with a vision and commitment to bringing a pool to Queens, which was in the original Queens Place Emera Centre design. The Council of the Region of Queens Municipality and QCAS has had ongoing meetings to discuss the possibilities and develop the information required for a sound community decision regarding whether or not to make a commitment to building and operating an indoor community pool.