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November 10, 2016: When calling 911 for emergency services pertaining to the West Queens area, the Region of Queens Municipality would like to remind those residing or with businesses near the new Broad River to Port Joli section of highway, of the changes to civic address since the opening of the new section of Highway 103. The main roadway that connects the communities of Broad River, Port Mouton, Port Joli, and East Port L’Hebert is now called Trunk 3. The recently opened sections of Highway 103 from Broad River to Port Joli are known as the Highway 103.
Residents who live or have businesses in Port Joli and East Port L’Hebert have received letters noting the changes in their civic addressing with the change in road name to Trunk 3. Those living in Port Mouton have had no change in their civic numbers, but should note there is a change in the name of the roadway to Trunk 3.
When calling 911, it is very important to state the correct civic number and road name to ensure the emergency service providers can locate the emergency quickly. The 911 mapping system is being updated to include the changes in the names of the roadways, and is expected to be updated soon. In the meantime, the Region of Queens would like to remind residents calling 911 to provide the updated civic address.