Region of Queens Municipality

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November 8, 2016; Liverpool, NS: The Liverpool Fire Fighters Association recently approached the Region of Queens Municipality for help in finding a large area to conduct practices and controlled burning with their volunteer fire fighters. Formerly, the LFFA conducted their practices in the gravel lot on Henry Hensey Drive, at the rear of the Liverpool Fire Department building.

"Our staff will work with the Liverpool Fire Fighters Association to find an appropriate area in which their volunteer fire fighters can practice the essential skills needed to keep our community safe," said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. "The Fire Department identified that a number of their activities, such as controlled outdoor burning, would be more appropriate outside of the business district, which is near residential areas. We were happy that Chief Steven Parnell approached us to help the organization locate a larger area in which to practice."

There are a number of municipally owned properties near Liverpool that could be considered. Before an area is selected, a report prepared by Region of Queens staff co-operatively with Chief Parnell, will be submitted to Council for approval.

"As a volunteer fire department, we need a lot of training time to keep skills current. We would like to access a large secluded area, where we can conduct the training without worrying about smoke or noise carrying to neighboring homes,” said Steven Parnell, Fire Chief of the Liverpool Fire Fighters Association. “In working with the Region of Queens, we are hoping to find a spot large enough to not only carry out the training for the Liverpool Fire Department, but also to be able to offer mutual aid training to include the other five fire departments and the first responders that serve Queens. Training space located close to homes is an issue for fire departments, and a large remote space would be beneficial to many volunteer firefighters throughout Queens, and allow us to continue to be good neighbors.”

The Liverpool Fire Fighters Association is a volunteer organization that conducts ongoing skills training and practice in the areas of fire suppression, first responder activities, and safety. There are 43 volunteers in the Liverpool Fire Fighters Association, and approximately 20 in the Liverpool Junior Fire Fighters Association. The Liverpool Fire Fighters Association services a large geographical area, providing service to communities in South Queens (including Liverpool, Milton, Brooklyn, Beach meadows, Eagle Head, East Berlin, West Berlin, Mersey Point, Western Head, Moose Harbour and others), West Queens (including White Point, Hunts Point, Summerville, Port Mouton, Port Joli, Port L’Hebert, and others), and provides mutual aid to communities throughout Queens County.