Region of Queens Municipality

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August 1, 2016; Liverpool, NS: Spending time at the popular and beautiful Carter’s Beach will soon be improved under a new agreement between the Province and the Region of Queens Municipality. The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR) will widen the final 40 metres of the Carter’s Beach Road to allow vehicles to pass safely, under a cost shared agreement with the Region of Queens. Widening the road will lead to the elimination of the no parking signs at the end of the road closest to the beach, and will enable parking on both sides of the road near the end of the roadway, providing space for emergency and other vehicle to pass.

“Word has spread about the beauty of Carter’s Beach and what a great spot it is. Traffic to the beach has increased greatly, exceeding the limits of the small parking lot,” said Christopher Clarke, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “We are pleased to have been part of finding a temporary solution to some of the parking issues.”

The narrow roadway and lack of parking at the very popular beach has been an ongoing concern, and one that the Region of Queens has stepped forward to help put a solution into place. The widening of the roadway is expected to cost approximately $15,000, with the Region of Queens Municipality providing up to $7,500 of this total.

A working group made up of representation from the Region of Queens Municipality, including Mayor Clarke, Deputy Mayor Darlene Norman and CAO Richard MacLellan, along with representatives of the Provincial departments of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal, Natural Resources, and Environment, and citizen representation by resident Robert Ross and Brian Fisher has been in place and meeting regularly since October, 2015.

“We are working on the opportunities and challenges of continuing public access to this popular beach, and striking a balance between conservation of this special area and enjoyment of what many consider to be the one of the best beaches in Nova Scotia,” said Clarke. “Widening the road to allow parking on both sides close to the beach is a positive development from the collaboration between the province, the Region and citizens.”

There are ongoing discussions to make the dunes, the estuary and other sensitive features of the beach a Nature Reserve. The Region of Queens Municipality, citizens and representatives from provincial departments will continue to meet to ensure that local access to the beach continues, while preserving the special attributes of Carter’s Beach to ensure it there for years to come.