Region of Queens Municipality

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Community organizations play an important role in Queens County, providing programs, services and recreational opportunities to residents and visitors alike. The Region of Queens Municipal Council voted to approve funding for 16 groups through the Grants to Organizations program in the amount of $46,500 at the April 12 Council meeting.

“Council recognizes that the work that is done by the voluntary sector and also by volunteer groups is essential in our County, and they are well deserving of our support. Through the Grants to Organizations, we are able to offer some financial support to help them do their work,” said Mayor Christopher Clarke. “The Grants to Organizations program has been in place at the Region of Queens for the past 20 years, since the Town of Liverpool and the Municipality of Queens amalgamated. Prior to that, each of the units offered similar grant programs for a number of years.”

Among those who were successful in their applications under the Grants to Organizations funding are the Greenfield Recreation Association, Hank Snow Country Music Centre, Liverpool International Theatre Festival, Mersey Band Society, Milton Community Association, Milton Heritage Association, North Queens Board of Trade for their Canada Day and the Farmers’ Market Committees, North Queens Heritage Society, Privateer Days Commission, Privateer Farmers’ Market, Queens County Fair Association, Queens County Crime Prevention Association Senior Safety Program, Queens County Music Festival, South Queens Chamber of Commerce’s Christmas on the Mersey committee, The West House Society Rossignol Cultural Centre.

More than $130,000 in requests were received; some were referred to the Recreation Department’s funding programs, others did not meet grant criteria. Council approved an increase in the funding level for the Grants to Organizations program this year, bringing it back to $46,500, after several years of reductions.

The Grants to Organizations program accepts applications in January, with a deadline of the first Friday in February each year. The program’s purpose is to enable community groups to broaden the scope of their programs, in an effort to help build capacity for growth and sustainability of community groups.