Region of Queens Municipality

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From parks to parking, from water pipes to workouts, from waste management to water treatment, and from special care to capital infrastructure, the Region of Queens Municipality’s skilled workforce maintains many areas important to the lives of Queens County residents and visitors. Milestone achievements were recognized with Years of Service Awards at the December 15, 2015 Region of Queens Council meeting.

“The skills, commitment and high level of customer service offered by all of the Region of Queens employees is something that Council is proud to make note of,” said Christopher Clarke, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “The Region of Queens Municipality has a dedicated workforce, who takes great pride in what they do. A consistent thing I have heard about the staff, regardless of where they work, is that there is a high level of pride evident in their work. Whether it is preparing budgets, caring for the residents of Hillsview Acres, working on the water and sewer lines, or connecting with residents and visitors to the area, Region employees give a high standard of service to the community.”

Twenty one employees were recognized for five, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service; those employees represent 225 years of employment cumulatively. Staff reaching five years of employment includes Jacqueline Hanley-Godfrey, Rachel Joudrey, James Rhyno, Larry Whynot, Eugene Wamboldt, Phillip Whynot, and Kaylee Oickle. Ten year milestones were reached by Tracy Baker, Jeff Cunningham, Steven Parnell, Melvin Carver, Fred Murphy, Randy Rapp, and Delores Dagley. Those with 15 years of employment are Scott LeBlanc, Paulette Smith, David Henderson, Douglas Bowers, and David Fox. Dale Waterman was recognized for 20 years of work, and with a career of 25 years so far, Jane Lawson, was given her award. Years of Service Awards are presented in December of each year by Council to staff reaching 5 year milestones.