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The Region of Queens Municipality ‘s CAO, Richard MacLellan, is pleased to share that his predecessor, Kathleen Rafuse, has agreed to a short term / part time contract to work with the Municipality on some special projects related to economic and property development. The contract is funded through financial support from the provincial financial contribution to the Municipality for the post Bowater economic transition in 2012/13. Rafuse will begin work in mid-November, 2015.

Rafuse’s position as Special Projects Coordinator will serve to supplement the economic development priorities of Municipal Council, programs, and projects led by Jill Cruikshank, Director of Economic Development. Rafuse’s capacity to steward these high potential files as special projects will progress the economic renewal in Queens. Many of these projects were identified by the Transition Advisory Team in their final report, “Our Community, Our Future” in December 2012.

A career spanning more than 30 years in municipal government in Queens County, four of which as CAO, as well as being a member of the seven-member Transition Advisory Team, and membership on a number of committees, boards and other community involvement, positions Rafuse well for this undertaking, with connections to stakeholders in business, government and within the community.

Current Council priorities on economic development include the revitalization of Liverpool’s Main Street and waterfront, development of rural internet solutions, and creation of a municipal events framework. The Municipality is committed to creating an environment that encourages economic development in the Region of Queens.