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September 16, 2021; Liverpool, NS: Accessibility in Queens Coast is moving forward with clear direction, following Council adopting its Municipal Accessibility Plan 2021 – 2030 (QMAP) during the September 14, 2021 Region of Queens Municipality Council meeting.

“Council is pleased to adopt the Queens Accessibility Plan, and to move forward with making changes within our municipal operations and services to ensure inclusion for all our residents and visitors,” said Darlene Norman, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality. “Some items are easy to address and change now or in the near future, and other recommendations in the plan are bigger projects that will require time, large amounts of money, and planning to implement. We are committed to working towards an accessible Queens County, and will be implanting recommendations from this plan this year and over the next ten years.”

Province of Nova Scotia passed Bill 59, Nova Scotia’s Accessibility Act in September, 2017, with the intent to remove and prevent barriers that disable people with respect to participation in the broader community. Public sector bodies, including Municipalities, are required through the Accessibility Act to create an Accessibility Plan to aid in guiding toward an accessible Nova Scotia by 2030.

In July 2020, Region of Queens Municipality hired Elise Johnston as its Accessibility Coordinator with the primary focus of preparing a municipal accessibility plan. An Accessibility Advisory Committee was formed in October, 2020, and meets each month to provide insight and personal experiences of barriers.

In preparing QMAP, a variety of methods were used to get information about the accessibility needs and current level of accessibility in Queens County. Among the methods used to gather information were a public survey with almost a hundred respondents; public outreach to organizations, associations, and businesses; online training for the Accessibility Coordinator and AAT; research of best practices, as well as assessments of municipal properties and services. The draft version of QMAP was approved for public review by Council on April 27, 2021, and was made available for public input and review for 45 days.

QMAP contains specific items for action to work toward improved accessibility in Queens in six categories: built environment, education, employment, goods and services, information and communication, and transportation. Municipal facilities and other municipal properties have been assessed, with specific recommendations made for priority areas to address in terms of accessibility, which are reflective of Nova Scotia’s recommended Standards for the Built Environment.

Over the past year, work has taken place to implement some of the recommendations. A number of municipal properties have been upgraded, including replacement of the exterior path and ramp to Council Chamber at the Administration Building; installation of improved signage at Queens Place Emera Centre to identify accessible features; a power door operator to the arena was installed and improvements have been made in the accessible stalls in washrooms at Queens Place Emera Centre. Further work has been planned and included in the Municipal budget in this fiscal year for Beach Meadows Beach and Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre. Many municipal staff have received disability awareness training, and training to ensure municipally created digital and print documents are produced to improve accessible navigation and information.

Cost estimates of priority upgrades are currently underway for long-term budget planning. Funding partnerships for the work that has been completed and underway have been established, with grants received from Community Access-Ability through Nova Scotia Communities, Culture & Heritage Access Fund, and other grant applications are awaiting approval. Future accessibility upgrades will be made with support from grants when possible, in combination with municipal funding.

“The changes needed for accessibility will ensure all are able to be included and will create a stronger community moving forward,” said Mayor Darlene Norman.

September 16, 2021; Liverpool, NS: A building in Caledonia that is 167 years old was recommended to be designated a Municipal Heritage Property at the September 14, 2021 Region of Queens Municipality’s Council meeting.

The Milton Douglas House (more commonly known as the North Queens Heritage House Museum) was built in 1854 by the Douglas family on a portion of lands granted to John Douglas in 1825. The Douglas family have a long history as business owners and employers. John Douglas, father of Milton Douglas and seven other children, was one of the original seven settlers in Caledonia in 1817. The house is a good example of the architectural style of homes built on the South Shore during that era. Region of Queens Municipality’s Heritage Advisory Committee discussed the application at its August 19, 2021 meeting, and recommended that the property, located at 25 West Caledonia Road, Caledonia, be considered by Council for municipal heritage designation due to the style of the home, but more strongly due to the significance of the Douglas family in the community through Caledonia and area’s history.

The property owners will have an opportunity to speak about the proposed designation at a public hearing scheduled for Tuesday, October 26, at 6 p.m. in Council Chamber of Region of Queens Municipality’s Administration Building, 249 White Point Road, Liverpool.

Sealed bids are now being accepted for the tax tender sale of properties listed below.   Click here to view the Tax Tender Ad.  Bid Submission forms must be received at the office of the Treasurer, Region of Queens Municipality before September 22, 2021 at 10:00 am.  Bid Sudmission forms must be submitted by mail or in person.   Click here to download the Bid Submission Form.   For more information on the Tax Tender process and requirements of prospectivce bidders,  please click here for Bidder Instructions.

Legal description of the above properties may be seen below, or at the office of the Treasurer, Region of Queens Administration Building, 249 White Point Road, Liverpool, however, we do not guarantee the accuracy of these properties descriptions.

  004-19 Wamboldt

  025-18 Bernd Brauser-Jung

  038-19 Young

  058-19 Mills

  074-19 Nienstedt

  082-19 C Whynot

  096-19 Eagle Rock

  125-16 Ozon

  125-19 Cross

  132-19 Donovan

  050-18 B Whynot

Region of Queens Municipality makes no representations of warranties to any purchaser regarding the fitness, geographical or environmental suitability of the land(s) offered for sale for any particular use and does not certify the legal title, legal description or boundaries.  The lands offered for sale ARE BEING SOLD ON AN “AS IS” BASIS ONLY, subject to any estates or interests of the Crown in Right of Canada or the Province of Nova Scotia.

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REGION OF QUEENS MUNICIPALITY, on behalf of its WATER UTILITY has applied for approval of amendments to its Schedule of Rates and Charges for Water and Water Services and amendments to its Schedule of Rules and Regulations.

This matter will be considered in a public hearing as follows:

Hearing starts:
Monday, November 29, 2021
10:30 am

Region of Queens Municipality
Council Chambers
249 White Point Road
Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Depending on the circumstances related to COVID-19, this public hearing may be held by GoToWebinar video conferencing.

Board Hearings are open to the public, and you may participate as follows:

  • You may speak at the hearing. You must notify the Board by Tuesday, November 23, 2021.
  • You may make written comments by sending a letter to the Clerk of the Board at P.O. Box 1692, Unit “M”, Halifax, NS B3J 3S3, or by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by fax at (902) 424-3919 by Tuesday, November 23, 2021.
  • You may request formal standing as an Intervener, subject to Board approval. This will allow you to present evidence or cross-examine witnesses. Your request must be received by the Board by Friday, September 10, 2021 and a copy of your written evidence by Friday, October 15, 2021.

Additional information about the matter is as follows:

  • For unmetered customers, the current quarterly water bill is $80.94, and it is proposed to increase to $115.20 (a 42.3% increase) in 2022/23; $116.12 (a 0.8% increase) in 2023/24; and $120.58 ( a 3.8% increase) in 2024/25.
  • For residential customers (5/8” meters), the current average quarterly water bill is $75.05, and it is proposed to increase to $84.67 (a 12.8% increase) in 2022/23; $84.96 (a 0.4% increase) in 2023/24; and $88.30 (a 3.9% increase) in 2024/25.
  • For all other metered services, the Utility is requesting amendments ranging from 14.8% to 22.7% in 2022/23; 0.4% to 1.5% in 2023/24; and 3.7% to 3.9% in 2024/25.
  • The annual fire protection charge paid by the Municipality, currently $197,235 is proposed to decrease to $195,474 (a 0.9% decrease) for 2022/23 and remain at this amount for each of 2023/24 and 2024/25.

Upon reviewing the Application, the Board, in its Decision, may determine that the proposed amendments should be as requested, higher, or lower.

A copy of the Application and any timetable applying to this matter may be viewed on the Board’s website at, by clicking on "Matters & Evidence", and in the "Go To Files and Documents”, enter Matter No. M10229.

July 16, 2021:  Over the past 25 years since becoming an amalgamated Municipality, investments of approximately $73 million has been made by Region of Queens Municipality in capital upgrades to Municipal infrastructure throughout Queens County.  These projects have has helped our environment, provide safe streets, sidewalks, and drinking water, as well as quality recreational facilities.  We are proud of the work that has been completed over the past 25 years and that work will continue in 2021 -2022.

On Monday, July 19, 2021, work will begin on Court Street from Main Street to Church Street.  The project involves replacement of century old water and sanitary sewer pipes, installation of a new storm sewer, curb, gutter, sidewalk, and reinstatement of the asphalt roadway. This work is expected to take place throughout the summer and conclude in early autumn. 

During construction, Court Street will remain open to local and emergency traffic from either end; sidewalks will be open as practical and reasonable during the construction period.  Municipal staff has met with property owners and residents of the area who will be directly affected by the project to discuss the project, and to mitigate disruptions.

Motorists are advised to plan their routes accordingly.   The patience and understanding of the public is appreciated during the construction period.

Union Stpng

July 9, 2021, Liverpool, NS: Earlier today, Premier Iain Rankin announced approval for the repair, upgrade, or total replacement of 17 health care facilities throughout Nova Scotia, including an opportunity for replacement of Hillsview Acres and Queens Manor.

 “Council has been advocating for a replacement facility for Hillsview Acres for more than two decades now and to finally see it come to fruition is exciting. We have done our homework and supplied the province with numerous reports and costings from external consultants, which clearly proved our case that replacing Hillsview Acres with a new facility is in the best interests of our community and province. Replacement of this essential facility will ensure we are able to continue to provide health care services locally,” remarked Mayor Darlene Norman.

“We look forward to beginning more detailed discussions with the province and Queens Manor immediately to decide on a final design including resident numbers, building location, and costing for a new Hillsview Acres or a larger joint Hillsview Acres / Queens Manor facility,” noted Mayor Norman.

Current replacement cost estimates for a new Hillsview Acres are $13.6 million. No site has yet been determined.

Hillsview Acres is a 29 bed residential care facility in Middlefield, Queens County, 20 minutes north of Liverpool. The centre part of the facility was a farm house prior to 1893, when it was converted. It has since been renovated twice, making it the oldest continuous operating residential care facility in Nova Scotia. It is owned and operated by Region of Queens Municipality, and one of only a few left in the province still municipally run.

June 10, 2021:  Coastal flood risk and potential mitigation methods are the focus of a report prepared and presented by CBCL Limited in 2019 for Region of Queens Municipality. 

“Liverpool’s Coastal Flooding Mitigation Study was a thorough study of the risks and challenges present in Liverpool’s waterfront with regard to flooding, and includes historical data, as well as projections of changing tide levels and extreme weather.  Each of the four options in the flood mitigation report come with very large price tags without any guarantee of success.  Market Street, which turns into Bristol Avenue on the south side of Liverpool’s bridge, is the main artery in and out of Liverpool, and a crucial area to look at flood mitigation efforts, in the interest of public safety,” said Darlene Norman, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality. 

The waterfront parking lot in Liverpool and the low lying Market Street and Water Street roadways are areas that have flooded for many years in times of extreme high tides and with storm surge, and is occurring with increasing frequency at higher elevations, adversely affecting some local businesses, the parking lot, and access to other areas of Liverpool.  CBCL Limited presented the report at a public Council meeting on November 12, 2019.  After further review and discussions with CBCL Limited, Council at that time felt that none of the four options were in the best interests of the Municipality and its downtown business core, with estimated costs ranging from $2,825,000 to $9,100,000 plus the costs of purchasing and demolishing several buildings.

At the June 8, 2021 regular Council meeting, a motion was approved to apply for Flood Risk Infrastructure Investment Program (FRIIP) funding to raise the roadway between the Liverpool bridge and Water Street along Market Street to an elevation closer to the bridge riding surface. This project, if completed, will require some design changes in the area to ensure the adjacent properties are able to maintain access as well as a new configuration with the sidewalk being below the street grade. This concept is seen in larger urban areas such as Halifax.  While this project will benefit motor vehicles using the roadway, there is not a flood protection benefit directly to existing commercial structures in that area.  If the FRIIP funding is approved for this $500,000 project, construction would begin in the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

The ‘CBCL Limited Liverpool Coastal Flooding Mitigation Study’ is posted online at

May 27, 2021, Liverpool, NS: Nearing a quarter of a century of serving Nova Scotians from 6 branches on the South Shore, Belliveau Veinotte Inc., a member of the AC Group of Independent Accounting Firms across Atlantic Canada is the first tenant of the newly named Liverpool Business Development Centre. At Region of Queens Municipality’s Regular Council meeting on May 25, 2021, Council unanimously supported a motion to enter into a lease agreement with Belliveau Veinotte Inc. for approximately 4,800 sq. ft. of prime commercial office space at the Liverpool Business Development Centre, 54 Harley Umphrey Drive, Liverpool, NS.

“We are pleased to announce Belliveau Veinotte Inc. as the first tenants of Liverpool Business Development Centre. Relocation of their well respected business from the Liverpool Waterfront will provide them plenty of room to grow,” said Darlene Norman, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality. “On behalf of staff who secured this arrangement and Council that supported this contract, I say ‘Thank you Belliveau Veinotte for continuing to invest in our community. I look forward to welcoming you to your new home.’”

Mike Metcalfe, Accountant and Manager of Belliveau Veinotte’s Liverpool office, said, “We’re excited to be working with the Municipality and to be the first tenants in the Liverpool Business Development Centre. We’ve been servicing the Liverpool and Queens community with business and tax advice for 23 years, and the Centre is ideally located to allow us to grow as our clients and the Municipality grow.”

Liverpool Business Development Centre is a 32,000 sq. foot building owned by Region of Queens Municipality, built in 2003 to house a call centre operation. No longer used for that purpose, at the May 25, 2021 Regular Council meeting, Council approved naming the facility Liverpool Business Development Centre, and agreed with municipal staff that the best future outcome for the facility will be a mix of tenants that are in the business of economic development, office space, and other compatible uses.

The site and its proximity to the Exit 20A connector and Liverpool core, make it an attractive location for prospective new businesses and established businesses looking to relocate and grow. The building footprint has a number of established spaces as well open space available which may be configured to fit client requirements and leased in its entirety or in part.

For further information regarding opportunities to lease within this property, please contact Steve Burns Manager: Events, Promotions and Sponsorship, Region of Queens Municipality. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

May 5, 2021: Please be advised that the Municipality was contacted by Public Health today and informed that there has been a COVID-19 exposure at Queens Place Emera Centre on Sunday, April 25, 2021.  The exposure was in the fitness centre.

Public Health has advised that anyone who was in the fitness centre from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 25, 2021,should immediately self-isolate and call 811 to book a COVID-19 test  or go online . Public Health requires that even those whose tests come back negative must continue to self-isolate until May 9, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.  Queens Place Emera Centre is reaching out directly to everyone on our contact tracing list during those times and will provide those individuals with further information from Public Health. 

Public Health has indicated that anyone who was not in the fitness centre during the noted times is not required to self isolate. The facility is deep cleaned several times each day, as per Queens Place Emera Centre’s COVID-19 protocols, and is being deep cleaned during the current circuit breaker mandated closure.  

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April 28, 2021; Liverpool, NS:  Following several months of budget planning and deliberations, the annual Operating, Water Utility, and Capital Budgets for Region of Queens Municipality were unanimously approved at the April 27, 2021 Regular Council meeting.  This is the first budget of the newly elected Council. Operating Budget total is $21,968,378, including Hillsview Acres. The 2021-2022 Water Utility Budget totals $758,678, and the Capital Budget total is $22,459,135. 

“We’re moving towards a more accessible and inclusive community which will be attractive for present and future residents.  Internal and external requests for increased financial support has made this a challenging budget year which requires increased funding.  Our infrastructure needs upgrading and in some instances replacement,” said Mayor Darlene Norman.

Region of Queens Municipality’s tax rates are inclusive of services such as fire services, street lighting, solid waste collection, and paving, which are often collected as area rates in other Municipalities. This budget will see a tax rate increase of 4 cents in residential, resource and commercial rates.  Those on the Liverpool Water Utility will see a one cent decrease in hydrant rates, so their tax increase will be 3 cents per $100 assessment.

Tax bills will be mailed to property owners by the end of May, with taxes due upon receipt, however, if paid by June 30, 2021, no interest charges will be applied. 

The 2021-2022 Operating, Water Utility and Capital Budgets will be posted on-line on Wednesday, April 28, 2021:

Residents wishing to watch Council approve the budgets may watch the video on the Region of Queens Municipality’s YouTube channel, to be posted by end of day April 28, 2021:


Fact Sheet

2021-2022 Budget, Region of Queens Municipality

  • An increase in Residential, Resource and Commercial Tax of four cents per $100 assessment for all properties throughout Queens County.
  • A one cent decrease in hydrant charges in District 13 and those in Districts 1, 3, 5, and 6 for those properties connected to, or have the ability to connect to Liverpool’s Water Utility.
  • Residential and Resource Tax Rate for Districts 1 – 12 (all communities, excluding Liverpool) is now $1.10 per $100 assessment.
  • Residential and Resource Tax Rate for District 13 (Liverpool) is now $1.96 per $100 assessment.
  • Commercial Tax Rate Districts 1 – 12 is now $2.20 per $100 assessment.
  • Commercial Tax Rate for District 13 is now $3.06 per $100 assessment.
  • The Water Utility Budget is projecting a deficit of $40,253 with no rate increase.
  • A number of cost increases are included in the budget, which fall outside the Municipality’s ability to control or influence. Those increase include:
    • Policing increase 3% increase, amounting to $91,803 more
    • Education increase 26% increase, amounting to $37,562 more
    • Housing/Corrections/Roads undetermined, anticipated increase of $8,749
    • Solid Waste contract 21% increase, amounting to $216,043 more
  • 2 cents of the 4 cent increase will be provided to the five volunteer fire departments in Queens (Greenfield and District Volunteer Fire Department, Liverpool Fire Fighters Association, Mill Village and District Volunteer Fire Department, North Queens Fire Association, and Port Medway Fire Department). This will total $196,433 in additional funding for fire departments.
  • Accessibility upgrades of $100,000 are budgeted at Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre and Astor Theatre.
  • Over the past several years, there have been droughts in late summer, and to help residents, Council approved a funding program to support agreements with community organizations to open showers for community use in times and locations as requested by the Municipality.
  • As part of regular maintenance, the Sewage Treatment facility in South Queens will have dredging completed this year of Cells 2 & 3, at a cost of $150,000.
  • Queens County Daycare will receive one-time funding of $30,000.
  • Capital projects totaling $22,459,135 are budgeted for projects, pending grant approvals, including upgrades to water and sewer infrastructure on Court Street and Union Street, as well as re-routing water distribution lines from the water treatment facility.
  • Funds have been allocated in the amount of $2,500,000 for an outdoor pool in South Queens, to replace the 54 year old Milton Centennial Pool.
  • Funds have been budgeted to install a fuel system at South Shore Regional Airport, at a cost of $50,000.
  • A Diversity and Inclusion grant program will be established to support and encourage not-for-profit groups develop and offer programs or services, create infrastructure, host events, or offer educational training that has a diversity and inclusion focus.


March 24, 2021; Liverpool, NS: Fort Point Lighthouse, the third oldest standing lighthouse in Nova Scotia, will reopen this season under new management. At the March 23, 2021 Region of Queens Municipality’s Council meeting, a motion approved the proposal submitted by Queens County Museum for the seasonal operation of Fort Point Lighthouse in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, for a three year period, beginning in spring 2021. It has been a visitor attraction site for approximately 30 years. A popular local attraction steeped in history, it has stood at the mouth of the Mersey River since 1855, and was decommissioned in 1989. The Region of Queens Municipality opened it seasonally as an attraction, enabling the public to have the unique experience of being able to go inside a lighthouse, access the light, and turn the hand crank to sound the fog horn.

“It will be exciting to see the new direction that Queens County Museum takes Fort Point Lighthouse. Fort Point will be an excellent location for Queens County Museum to showcase the cultural and seafaring history of our Region,” said Darlene Norman, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality.

“On behalf of our Board and Staff, we can't tell you how thrilled we are, the museum now having the privilege of running this iconic landmark, Fort Point Lighthouse. She will reopen this summer as an Interpretive Centre featuring the history of the lighthouse and the colonial history of the site plus a few other surprises. Stay tuned.....and again many thanks,” said Linda Rafuse, Director of Queens County Museum and Perkins House.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) for the operation of Fort Point Lighthouse was issued on January 27, 2021 for the seasonal operation of Fort Point Lighthouse as a visitor attraction site for a three year term to starting in spring of 2021.
Fort Point Lighthouse was operated by Lanes Privateer Inn for four seasons (June through mid-October, 2017 through 2020), drawing approximately 5,850 visitors per season, excluding the 2020 visitor season which was impacted by travel restrictions resulting from the pandemic.