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December 2, 2021: The Cowie Well located at 733 Main Street, Liverpool, will be closed until further notice. Nova Scotia Department of Environment conducted coliform testing at Cowie Well and produced a failed result. As a result, the well needs to be closed for further testing. If you have recently taken water from the well and are concerned, please dispose of it.

We will notify when Cowie Well is approved to be reopened. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Public swim cancellation5

We’re excited to launch “Save Money Mondays”, a weekly series of videos to promote rebate programs available to some residents. Each Monday for the next 10 weeks, members of our Finance Department will talk about different rebates that are available to save you money!

Check out the videos here:

Intro - November 29

Property Tax Rebate for Seniors - December 6

There are two sessions scheduled for residents of Queens to attend and get help in applying for the programs:

North Queens Fire Hall, 9685 Hwy 8, Caledonia

December 6, 2021  -  Municipal staff and program providers will be on hand from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Queens Place Emera Centre, 50 Queens Place Dr., Liverpool

December 13, 2021  -  Municipal staff and program providers will be on hand from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Save Money Mondays Poster

Save Money Mondays Flyer

* Proof of double vaccination and government issued identification is required to attend.

* Programs have eligibility requirements – please bring your 2020 Income Tax Assessment and/or Social Insurance Number

We want to help you save money! For more details, contact the Finance Department at 902-354-3453.

Please tell your friends and family members!

Hot off the presses and in Queens County businesses soon (and online now!), we're happy to share the Queens 2021 Wishbook - your local holiday gift guide! Filled with unique gift ideas, events taking place in the community, and much more, the 2021 Wishbook showcases local businesses, community organizations, and the spirit of Queens County.

Click here to view the Wish Book online, or click this link to access an accessible pdf .

As the holiday season approaches, and you flip through the Wishbook, you'll find all you need for the holidays can be found close to home.

Click here to view the flip book onlinepng

November 8, 2021: At the Council meeting on October 26, 2021, Council approved revisions to Policy 66 Respecting the Appointment of Traffic Authority.  Those revisions include reappointing Adam Grant, Director of Engineering and Public Works, as the Traffic Authority for Liverpool, a role he has held since July 16, 2020.  Garrett Chetwynd, Assistant Director of Engineering and Public Works, has been designated the alternate to serve as Traffic Authority in Adam’s absence.

Motor Vehicle Act of Nova Scotia requires that each town or former town in Nova Scotia appoint its own traffic authority to enforce certain provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act. This appointment is for Liverpool; the traffic authority for all areas outside Liverpool is governed by the Provincial Traffic Authority and their Deputy Provincial Traffic Authorities. Traffic Authority reviews requests for road closures, parades, emergency safety plans as they relate to transportation routes, planned detours, traffic signage, etc. 


Contact information: 

Adam Grant, Traffic Authority for Liverpool - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Provincial Traffic Authority for requests for areas of Queens outside of Liverpool

NS Dept. of Public Works, Operations Contact Centre - 1-844-696-7737 or email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Diversity and Inclusion Action Team is looking for interested community members in starting a Queens County Pride group.  If you are interested in starting a group, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Eric at 902-354-3453 and we can help the group get started.  Email or call today!

September 23, 2021; Liverpool, NS:  Beach Meadows Beach, a municipally owned beach, is now more accessible as the result of improvements. 

A MOBI mat and an accessible picnic table have been installed by Region of Queens Municipality at the popular beach located in Beach Meadows.  A MOBI mat is a durable mat made to provide ease of access for people with disabilities, those using mobility aids, or parents with strollers to use beaches, parks, and other public spaces. It is non-slip, has white stripes for people with visual impairments, is UV-, water- and mildew-resistant, and made of 100% recycled polyester.  Sand barriers to reduce sand on the boardwalk leading to the MOBI mat have also been installed.

“The MOBI mat provides a stable, accessible surface for people with mobility challenges to access the beach and get close to the ocean. Boardwalk #2 has been accessible for many years, but once people reached the end, they couldn’t actually go onto the sand,” said Darlene Norman, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality.  “The Municipality is pleased to be able to provide increased access to this beautiful beach, and to show our commitment to working to become a more accessible community.” 

This improvement was one of the items recommended by the Municipality’s Accessibility Advisory Committee as part of the Municipality’s recently approved Queens Municipal Accessibility Plan.

The mats and sand barriers were partially funded by a Community Access-Ability grant from The Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage of $20,000 that was received as two thirds contribution of municipal accessibility projects. 

  Beach Meadows MOBI Mat installed September 2021.1Beach meadows Beach Sand Barriers for Boardwalk 2 to MOBi Mat Sept 2021.1

September 21, 2021; Liverpool, NS:  Recognizing the importance of the relationship with the Indigenous community, the need for reflection and education about the importance of reconciliation, and to honour the lives of the survivors and grieve the children who never returned home from residential schools, Region of Queens Municipality will be closing its offices and non-mandatory operations on September 30, 2021 to allow staff to observe National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

“Of the many actions recommended in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report, we are pleased to see a day enacted federally to acknowledge the terrible legacy of residential schools, and the mistreatment of Indigenous people over the years.  This is a day to reflect and remember, to grieve, and to take action, ensuring that moving forward, Indigenous people are treated equitably and with dignity,” said Darlene Norman, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality.

Closure of the municipal offices and non-mandatory operations will enable municipal staff to be able to participate in Truth and Reconciliation Day events and educational opportunities, and to reflect and learn. Queens Place Emera Centre and regular municipal operations will be closed for the day, excluding Queens Solid Waste Management Facility, which will operate as usual.  Waste collection will take place as scheduled.

At the September 28, 2021 Region of Queens Council meeting, a Civic Holiday Bylaw will be introduced, which will make September 30 each year, beginning in 2022, Truth and Reconciliation Civic Holiday throughout Queens County.  Although the federal government created a National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in the form of a statutory holiday for all federal public sector workers and federally regulated private sector workers and the Province of Nova Scotia will close provincial government offices, public schools, and regulated child care, neither of these announcements apply to municipalities. 

“Council is pleased to be able to allow municipal staff to have a day of reflection on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, and are also pleased to introduce a bylaw to enact a civic holiday in Queens County which, if passed, will be in place prior to the September 30, 2022 National Day for Truth and Reconciliation,” said Mayor Norman.

September 16, 2021; Liverpool, NS: Accessibility in Queens Coast is moving forward with clear direction, following Council adopting its Municipal Accessibility Plan 2021 – 2030 (QMAP) during the September 14, 2021 Region of Queens Municipality Council meeting.

“Council is pleased to adopt the Queens Accessibility Plan, and to move forward with making changes within our municipal operations and services to ensure inclusion for all our residents and visitors,” said Darlene Norman, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality. “Some items are easy to address and change now or in the near future, and other recommendations in the plan are bigger projects that will require time, large amounts of money, and planning to implement. We are committed to working towards an accessible Queens County, and will be implanting recommendations from this plan this year and over the next ten years.”

Province of Nova Scotia passed Bill 59, Nova Scotia’s Accessibility Act in September, 2017, with the intent to remove and prevent barriers that disable people with respect to participation in the broader community. Public sector bodies, including Municipalities, are required through the Accessibility Act to create an Accessibility Plan to aid in guiding toward an accessible Nova Scotia by 2030.

In July 2020, Region of Queens Municipality hired Elise Johnston as its Accessibility Coordinator with the primary focus of preparing a municipal accessibility plan. An Accessibility Advisory Committee was formed in October, 2020, and meets each month to provide insight and personal experiences of barriers.

In preparing QMAP, a variety of methods were used to get information about the accessibility needs and current level of accessibility in Queens County. Among the methods used to gather information were a public survey with almost a hundred respondents; public outreach to organizations, associations, and businesses; online training for the Accessibility Coordinator and AAT; research of best practices, as well as assessments of municipal properties and services. The draft version of QMAP was approved for public review by Council on April 27, 2021, and was made available for public input and review for 45 days.

QMAP contains specific items for action to work toward improved accessibility in Queens in six categories: built environment, education, employment, goods and services, information and communication, and transportation. Municipal facilities and other municipal properties have been assessed, with specific recommendations made for priority areas to address in terms of accessibility, which are reflective of Nova Scotia’s recommended Standards for the Built Environment.

Over the past year, work has taken place to implement some of the recommendations. A number of municipal properties have been upgraded, including replacement of the exterior path and ramp to Council Chamber at the Administration Building; installation of improved signage at Queens Place Emera Centre to identify accessible features; a power door operator to the arena was installed and improvements have been made in the accessible stalls in washrooms at Queens Place Emera Centre. Further work has been planned and included in the Municipal budget in this fiscal year for Beach Meadows Beach and Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre. Many municipal staff have received disability awareness training, and training to ensure municipally created digital and print documents are produced to improve accessible navigation and information.

Cost estimates of priority upgrades are currently underway for long-term budget planning. Funding partnerships for the work that has been completed and underway have been established, with grants received from Community Access-Ability through Nova Scotia Communities, Culture & Heritage Access Fund, and other grant applications are awaiting approval. Future accessibility upgrades will be made with support from grants when possible, in combination with municipal funding.

“The changes needed for accessibility will ensure all are able to be included and will create a stronger community moving forward,” said Mayor Darlene Norman.

Launch of

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July 9, 2021, Liverpool, NS: Earlier today, Premier Iain Rankin announced approval for the repair, upgrade, or total replacement of 17 health care facilities throughout Nova Scotia, including an opportunity for replacement of Hillsview Acres and Queens Manor.

 “Council has been advocating for a replacement facility for Hillsview Acres for more than two decades now and to finally see it come to fruition is exciting. We have done our homework and supplied the province with numerous reports and costings from external consultants, which clearly proved our case that replacing Hillsview Acres with a new facility is in the best interests of our community and province. Replacement of this essential facility will ensure we are able to continue to provide health care services locally,” remarked Mayor Darlene Norman.

“We look forward to beginning more detailed discussions with the province and Queens Manor immediately to decide on a final design including resident numbers, building location, and costing for a new Hillsview Acres or a larger joint Hillsview Acres / Queens Manor facility,” noted Mayor Norman.

Current replacement cost estimates for a new Hillsview Acres are $13.6 million. No site has yet been determined.

Hillsview Acres is a 29 bed residential care facility in Middlefield, Queens County, 20 minutes north of Liverpool. The centre part of the facility was a farm house prior to 1893, when it was converted. It has since been renovated twice, making it the oldest continuous operating residential care facility in Nova Scotia. It is owned and operated by Region of Queens Municipality, and one of only a few left in the province still municipally run.

June 10, 2021:  Coastal flood risk and potential mitigation methods are the focus of a report prepared and presented by CBCL Limited in 2019 for Region of Queens Municipality. 

“Liverpool’s Coastal Flooding Mitigation Study was a thorough study of the risks and challenges present in Liverpool’s waterfront with regard to flooding, and includes historical data, as well as projections of changing tide levels and extreme weather.  Each of the four options in the flood mitigation report come with very large price tags without any guarantee of success.  Market Street, which turns into Bristol Avenue on the south side of Liverpool’s bridge, is the main artery in and out of Liverpool, and a crucial area to look at flood mitigation efforts, in the interest of public safety,” said Darlene Norman, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality. 

The waterfront parking lot in Liverpool and the low lying Market Street and Water Street roadways are areas that have flooded for many years in times of extreme high tides and with storm surge, and is occurring with increasing frequency at higher elevations, adversely affecting some local businesses, the parking lot, and access to other areas of Liverpool.  CBCL Limited presented the report at a public Council meeting on November 12, 2019.  After further review and discussions with CBCL Limited, Council at that time felt that none of the four options were in the best interests of the Municipality and its downtown business core, with estimated costs ranging from $2,825,000 to $9,100,000 plus the costs of purchasing and demolishing several buildings.

At the June 8, 2021 regular Council meeting, a motion was approved to apply for Flood Risk Infrastructure Investment Program (FRIIP) funding to raise the roadway between the Liverpool bridge and Water Street along Market Street to an elevation closer to the bridge riding surface. This project, if completed, will require some design changes in the area to ensure the adjacent properties are able to maintain access as well as a new configuration with the sidewalk being below the street grade. This concept is seen in larger urban areas such as Halifax.  While this project will benefit motor vehicles using the roadway, there is not a flood protection benefit directly to existing commercial structures in that area.  If the FRIIP funding is approved for this $500,000 project, construction would begin in the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

The ‘CBCL Limited Liverpool Coastal Flooding Mitigation Study’ is posted online at

May 27, 2021, Liverpool, NS: Nearing a quarter of a century of serving Nova Scotians from 6 branches on the South Shore, Belliveau Veinotte Inc., a member of the AC Group of Independent Accounting Firms across Atlantic Canada is the first tenant of the newly named Liverpool Business Development Centre. At Region of Queens Municipality’s Regular Council meeting on May 25, 2021, Council unanimously supported a motion to enter into a lease agreement with Belliveau Veinotte Inc. for approximately 4,800 sq. ft. of prime commercial office space at the Liverpool Business Development Centre, 54 Harley Umphrey Drive, Liverpool, NS.

“We are pleased to announce Belliveau Veinotte Inc. as the first tenants of Liverpool Business Development Centre. Relocation of their well respected business from the Liverpool Waterfront will provide them plenty of room to grow,” said Darlene Norman, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality. “On behalf of staff who secured this arrangement and Council that supported this contract, I say ‘Thank you Belliveau Veinotte for continuing to invest in our community. I look forward to welcoming you to your new home.’”

Mike Metcalfe, Accountant and Manager of Belliveau Veinotte’s Liverpool office, said, “We’re excited to be working with the Municipality and to be the first tenants in the Liverpool Business Development Centre. We’ve been servicing the Liverpool and Queens community with business and tax advice for 23 years, and the Centre is ideally located to allow us to grow as our clients and the Municipality grow.”

Liverpool Business Development Centre is a 32,000 sq. foot building owned by Region of Queens Municipality, built in 2003 to house a call centre operation. No longer used for that purpose, at the May 25, 2021 Regular Council meeting, Council approved naming the facility Liverpool Business Development Centre, and agreed with municipal staff that the best future outcome for the facility will be a mix of tenants that are in the business of economic development, office space, and other compatible uses.

The site and its proximity to the Exit 20A connector and Liverpool core, make it an attractive location for prospective new businesses and established businesses looking to relocate and grow. The building footprint has a number of established spaces as well open space available which may be configured to fit client requirements and leased in its entirety or in part.

For further information regarding opportunities to lease within this property, please contact Steve Burns Manager: Events, Promotions and Sponsorship, Region of Queens Municipality. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.