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In the time since the 2024 Property Assessments have been mailed out by Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC) and received by property owners, Region of Queens Municipality‘s Council members and staff have been receiving questions asking for clarity. To assist property owners, Municipal staff have compiled answers to many of the questions being asked. 

To read the FAQ sheet,  please click this link .

If you have any questions, PVSC is available by calling 1-800-380-7775 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Update: Arena has Reopened for Regular Use

January 12, 2024:  Effective Friday, January 12, 2024, the arena at Queens Place Emera Centre has reopened for regular use.  Staff look forward to welcoming the public back for on ice activities.

To book ice, please contact Judith Mossman, Customer Service Manager, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 902-354-4422.  The Arena schedule has been updated to reflect all current rentals, and is available on-line:


Update: Progress on Condenser Replacement and Arena Reopening Date

January 9, 2024: Installation of the ice surface is currently underway at Queens Place Emera Centre, and the arena is scheduled to be open for regular use on Friday, January 12, 2024. The condenser replacement has been completed, and building the ice is the final step to complete prior to opening the arena. 

Thank you to the user groups and the public for their patience and understanding during the closure of the arena while this important project was completed.   Queens Place Emera Centre staff look forward to welcoming everyone back on the ice.

Update: Progress on Condenser Replacement

January 5, 2024: Work to install the new condenser at Queens Place Emera Centre is progressing. In response to the failure occurring before the planned installation of the new unit, Municipal staff were able to react effectively by bringing the contractors involved to the site immediately and commencing the project.

Work began on Tuesday, January 2, 2024, to remove the failed unit and hoist the new stainless steel one into place. At this time, all work to complete the installation has concluded and been commissioned. The refrigeration plant has resumed operation and staff are currently working towards reinstating the arena ice which will take several days. The approaching weather system forecast for Sunday evening/Monday is being monitored closely with consideration made to minimize any impacts the storm may have on the project.

The indoor track will reopen for regular hours Saturday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. The fitness centre and fitness studio at Queens Place Emera Centre remain in operation.
The re-opening of the arena will be confirmed with posts on the websites and Facebook pages for Queens Place Emera Centre and Region of Queens Municipality.

Public Notice: Arena Temporarily Closed at Queens Place Emera Centre

December 29, 2023: Earlier this week, the condenser at Queens Place Emera Centre began to experience operational issues. Attempts to prolong its operation have been unsuccessful, leaving no alternative but to take it out of service until the new unit can be installed and ice reinstalled.

Effective immediately, all arena activities at Queens Place Emera Centre will be cancelled as a result of the failure of this essential piece of ice making equipment. The original timeline for replacement of the condenser was early in January, and municipal staff are working with the contractor for the replacement to attempt to reschedule that work but will be unable to confirm the new timeline until early in the new year.

The indoor track and all other off ice activities at Queens Place Emera Centre will continue, however, those using the facility may notice cooler temperatures and a change in the humidity in the facility.

When the project is completed and ice is re-installed, notices will be posted on the Queens Place Emera Centre website (, Region of Queens Municipality’s website (, and on the Facebook pages of each.

December 22, 2023, Liverpool, NS:  Customers of the Region of Queens Water Utility will see a one-time reduction to their water consumption rate reflected in their quarterly invoice dated January 1, 2024as the result of a decision by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (UARB). Nova Scotia UARB is the regulatory body that oversees water utility rates.

“Council is pleased that Nova Scotia UARB approved our Water Utility’s application for a 70% rate reduction to the current billing cycle. The reduced bill will help to cover some of the expenses incurred by Water Utility Customers during this summer’s eight-week boil water advisory,” said Mayor Darlene Norman.

Following the electrical storms in early August that damaged components essential to the water treatment process, a boil water advisory was put in effect by the Region of Queens Water Utility.  The boil water advisory was in effect for eight weeks, during which repairs to the damaged electrical equipment were made and required water testing took place to ensure the water was consistently within parameters for safe use. The Water Utility provides water to residences, businesses, schools, long term care homes, and food and beverage producers located in Liverpool and parts of Brooklyn. 

The correspondence received from Nova Scotia UARB to advise of the approval of the application noted that “the Utility’s response to the power surge, over which they had no control, was reasonable. … The boil water advisory was a reasonable response to a situation that was beyond the control of the Utility. I can think of no other response that would have ensured the safety of the drinking water.”

Costs incurred by Region of Queens Water Utility are funded by the fees for service by the customers of the Utility and are not part of the general tax rate of the Municipality. The one-time reduction to the rate of consumption will be funded through a previously unused Water Utility reserve. 

A Special Council Meeting of Region of Queens Municipality's Council will be held on Tuesday, December 19, 2023 at 9 a.m., via Zoom. The Special Council meeting has one item on the agenda, Mill Village Fire Department Truck Purchase The upcoming meeting will be conducted virtually.

The agenda can be dowloaded on our website:

Please note, to receive a link to watch or listen to the meeting live, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 902-354-3455 to request a link be emailed to you.

Public Notice: Condenser Replacement at Queens Place Emera Centre

December 7, 2023: From January 8 through January 15, 2024, the arena at Queens Place Emera Centre in Liverpool, NS will be closed to replace the condenser, an essential component of the ice making plant. In September, the existing condenser failed and temporary repair work provided an interim solution, allowing the refrigeration plant to function while the new condenser was built and delivered.

As a result of this project, the arena ice surface cannot be maintained and will need to be removed and replaced. The proposed 8-day timeline is subject to change if something unexpected occurs delaying the repairs, including adverse weather conditions.

The indoor track and all other off ice activities at Queens Place Emera Centre will continue during this project, however, those using the facility may notice cooler temperatures and a change in the humidity in the facility.

When the project is completed and ice is re-installed, notices will be posted on the Queens Place Emera Centre website (, Region of Queens Municipality’s website (, and on the Facebook pages of each.

Liverpool, [November 16, 2023] – The Council of the Region of Queens Municipality is committed to developing a new library, which would replace the existing location at the Rossignol Cultural Centre in Liverpool. The current library’s lease expires at the end of 2024 and Municipal staff have identified the Liverpool Business Development Center as a potential and promising new home for the library.

The Liverpool Business Development Center, situated on Harley Umphrey Drive, offers an ideal space, including ample parking, access to green spaces, and more room for programming. The building is also owned by the Municipality.

"In today's times, libraries have evolved into immensely valuable community spaces, fostering educational, cultural, social, economic, and recreational opportunities and interactions," stated Mayor Darlene Norman. " Council will consider the Liverpool Business Development Center space and how it can be transformed into a library that caters to the evolving needs of our communities."

Ashley Nunn-Smith, CEO of South Shore Public Libraries, expressed excitement about the potential space. "It is a blank canvas we can renovate into a modern, innovative community destination that meets the various needs of our customers. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with our municipal partners on this project."

The project’s next steps will be to present a draft design concept to Council for its consideration. If endorsed further design work would be required before renovations could commence.




To register for E-billing, complete this form and return it to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


PO Box 1264, 249 White Point Road, Liverpool, NS  B0T 1K0

The MOBI Mat has been removed for the season at Beach Meadows Beach Municipal Park.


Boardwalk 2 provides access right to the sand,

Boardwalk 4 provides access to a viewing deck overlooking the beach.

posted: October 26, 2023

October 24, 2023; Liverpool, NS: Determination, equality, inspiration, and courage are values exemplified by the most recent inductions to the Queens County Olympic Wall at Queens Place Emera Centre in Liverpool. On Tuesday, October 24, 2023, David Rudderham and Brian Ward were posthumously inducted into the Olympic Wall.

“Today’s posthumous inductions are bittersweet. While we are sad that David Rudderham and Brian Ward are not with us today, to see their family members receive this honour on their behalf brings a strong sense of pride in what was accomplished in their lives, athletically, as community members and with their family and friends,” said Darlene Norman, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality. “They have left behind a legacy. Earning a spot on the Olympic Wall at Queens Place not only showcases outstanding, world class achievements in sport, they are role models who may inspire others to achieve their best. The Olympic Wall inductees show that with dedication, personal drive and skill, someone from a small community can compete with, coach, or train the top athletes from across the world. These are inspirational people, with a whole community who are proud of their accomplishments.”

Family, friends, and supporters gathered in the lobby of Queens Place Emera Centre to celebrate the induction of two new members. Queens Olympic Wall was created to recognize the accomplishments of high-performance athletes, coaches and officials from Queens County who have participated in World Olympic, World Special Olympic and World Paralympic Games. This year’s addition of David Rudderham and Brian Ward brings the current number of inductees to nine.

The Olympic Wall is on display in the lobby of Queens Place Emera Centre, 50 Queens Place Drive, Liverpool, Nova Scotia and can be seen during business hours Monday through Friday 6 a.m. – 9 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Additional information regarding this ever-growing project is available online at :

** A video of the cermony, featuring an ASL interpreter is posted on our YouTube Channel:

October 11, 2023; Liverpool, NS: A safe, inclusive place where people of all ages and abilities can play together is now a reality in Liverpool. The Etli Milita’mk (pronounced: Ed Ah Lee Milly Dumk) Playpark officially opened with a ceremony held on site on Wednesday, October 11, 2023. Donors from the community, government officials, funding partners and members of the community gathered at a grand opening ceremony to thank those who were involved in developing the first universally designed playpark in Queens County. The idea to build a playground that was safe for children with autism, disabilities, seniors, and those with limited mobility was a dream of Debbie Wamboldt, a mother of a child with autism. She first started to advocate for the idea in 2016, providing municipal election candidates with a list of community needs made in consultation with the disability community. On the list was a safe and accessible play space.

“On behalf of Council and our residents, I express gratitude to Debbie Wamboldt for her dedication, determination, and passion. Her desire for an accessible playpark in Queens County resulted in both the formation of a local fundraising committee and also the commitment of Autism Nova Scotia in terms of financial oversight. Debbie inspired children, teenagers and adults along with service groups, businesses, corporations, government and two separate councils to bring this to a reality.” said Darlene Norman, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality.

Etili Milita’mk Playpark is a ‘Universally-Designed’ playground with a wide
assortment of elements that engage all senses and offer options for different users, and components to include people with a range of abilities and sensory needs.

“I continually say how proud I am to be a part of this community. This might be something people witness in bigger areas, but to witness a small community like ours come together in such a way to make this happen has been life-changing for me,” said Wamboldt. “It has been rewarding witnessing our community shine through the adversity we faced to make this project happen. We raised funds and doubled down even during a global pandemic to ensure that this project would happen. That’s an amazing thing to see the community do.”

Among the equipment in the playpark are three slides of varying heights and styles; five swings of 4 types including multi-generational and inclusive harnessed; a standing spinner; a roll-on spinner; a climbing wall; a toddler ‘truck’; a wobble sphere; a quiet grove (designed for autistic users to ‘get away’); musical element; braille descriptive panels; interactive panels; stepping ‘stones’; climbing apparatus; three different ladders; a transfer station (where one can move off a wheelchair onto decks); and a sliding pole. In July, the spraypad component of the playpark was opened, and has had frequent use by the community and visitors.

“I’d like to thank the many funders for their incredible support and the South Shore community, especially Debbie Wamboldt, for trailblazing a path towards making this playpark come to life”, said Cynthia Carroll, Executive Director, Autism Nova Scotia. “This community truly worked together to build a playpark for people of all abilities, ages, and sizes – an accessible and inclusive space where everyone can play.”

Etli Milita’mk is valued at over $600,000. Funding for the playpark was from a variety of sources, with fundraising efforts administered, coordinated and held in trust by Autism Nova Scotia. Region of Queens Municipality donated the land and $111,773. Combined Provincial funding of $112,000 and federal grants adding to $160,000 were received. Private trusts sponsored $85,000 and general donations were a significant part of the funding, with over $100,000 being donated by community fundraising efforts, from zombie walks, to bottle drives, bake sales, and children donating money from their birthday parties.

“This playpark speaks volumes to Region of Queens commitment to accessibility and inclusion for all residents. The benefit of universal design was very evident throughout the summer months as children through to seniors laughed and had fun at the spraypad. Accessibility and inclusion are placed at the forefront within Region of Queens. Policies and practices are being implemented that support inclusion within our recreation, social and workplace environments,” said Mayor Norman.

Etli Milita’mk was selected as the name of the playpark in consultation with members of Acadia First Nation. Translated from Mi’kmaq, it means “we are playing here”.


Click this link for the ASL video of the ceremony

Click this link to read Mayor Darlene Norman's speech

October 6, 2023; 9:30 a.m.: In anticipation of potential effects from Tropical Storm Philippe, the MOBI Mat Beach Meadows Beach is being removed on October 6, 2022.  Following the storm, we will assess.

September 26, 2023; Liverpool, NS: The hiring of a new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) was unanimously approved by Region of Queens Municipality’s Council at the September 26, 2023 Regular Council meeting. Council announced the appointment of Cody Joudry as its new CAO, effective in mid November, 2023.

“The Region of Queens requires a CAO who will move the entire organization forward in a unified manner while working for our citizen’s best interest. Cody Joudry has strong communication skills, understands the importance of public engagement, and has illustrated experience guiding council to short- and long-term priority setting.  These are the attributes required to move our community of Queens forward in a positive manner,” said Darlene Norman, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality.

Bringing over 16 years of municipal experience, Joudry has held key leadership roles, including Director of Development and Tourism at the County of Dufferin in Ontario, Director of Economic Development at the County of Huron in Ontario, and Manager of Economic Development and IT Services at the County of Annapolis in Nova Scotia. His expertise spans diverse areas, including community engagement, strategic planning, economic development, and customer relations.

With family ties extending across Southwest Nova Scotia, Joudry has deep roots in the community. His family originates from Caledonia, and his unwavering dedication to community development has been a consistent hallmark of his career. Joudry is also a proud Mi'kmaw from L'sitkuk First Nation.

Joudry is dedicated to building positive and collaborative relationships with staff, Council, community members, and stakeholders, making this a priority in his new role as Chief Administrative Officer.

"I am honored to serve Region of Queens Municipality and look forward to leveraging my experience and passion in the service and for the prosperity of the residents," said Joudry.

Since May 2023, the CAO position has been held by Interim CAO Dan MacDougall, who was contracted to assist Region of Queens Municipality’s Council.  There will be a brief period of overlap as Joudry familiarizes himself with the position, and current and upcoming projects, and Council priorities.

“As Cody Joudry prepares to take on the leadership role as CAO, Council is grateful to Interim CAO Dan MacDougall who came to us from retirement after last serving as CAO in the Municipality of the District of Chester.  Dan’s knowledge and sound judgement in the spring and early summer, was valued by Council, and we are pleased to have him back with us again this autumn until Cody takes on this important leadership role,” said Mayor Norman. “Council also thanks staff, as several of the Region of Queens Municipality’s Department Directors served as acting CAO’s over the summer months.  Their dedication to the Municipality and its residents is appreciated,” said Mayor Norman.

Joudry will serve as Region of Queens Municipality’s fifth CAO in the 27 years since amalgamation in 1996.