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Message of Condolences from Mayor Dagley

August 6, 2020


The global support for the people of Lebanon has been overwhelming in the wake of the devastating explosion that took many lives, injured countless people and destroyed homes and businesses in a heavily populated area of Beirut on the evening of Tuesday, August 4, 2020. My thoughts and prayers, along with those of our community, are with Lebanon as recovery efforts continue. Queens County has a long connection to Lebanon, with a number of our residents having family and friends in Lebanon, now and throughout Queens County’s history.

Making the tragedy even more challenging is the COVID-19 pandemic. Safety practices are part of the recovery efforts, treatment of the wounded, assisting the survivors, and grieving lives lost. The comfort of loved ones and the support of the community is how we as humans cope with heartbreaking situations, and the pandemic puts people at risk as they work to recover victims, deal with the loss of homes and properties, and mourn the loss of life.

Be sure to reach out to your network of friends and family with loved ones in Lebanon – they could use your support during this harrowing time.

If you would like to support the relief efforts, please consider a donation to the Lebanese Red Cross: http://www.redcross.org.lb/SubPage.aspx?pageid=1370&PID=158

Be safe everyone,

Mayor David Dagley


  Click here for the pdf of the message

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July 31, 2020:  Wearing a non medical face mask when in most indoor public places became mandatory in Nova Scotia on July 31. This applies to several facilities operated by Region of Queens Municipality, including the Administration Building, Queens Place Emera Centre, and Liverpool Visitor Information Centre.

Under the Public Health Order, public places include:
* retail businesses and shopping centres
* personal services businesses like hair salons, barber shops, spas, nail salons and body art establishments (except during services that require removing a mask)
* restaurants and liquor licensed (drinking) establishments like bars, wineries, distillery tasting rooms and craft taprooms (except while you're eating or drinking)
* places of worship and faith gatherings
* places for cultural or entertainment activities and services (like movie theatres, theatre performances, dance recitals, festivals and concerts)
* places for sports and recreational activities, including fitness establishments, like pools, gyms, yoga studios, climbing facilities and indoor tennis facilities (except during an activity where a mask can't be worn)
* places for events (like conventions, conferences and receptions)
* municipal and provincial government locations that offer services to the public
* common areas of tourist accommodations (like lobbies, elevators and hallways)
* common areas of office buildings (like reception areas, elevators and hallways), excluding private offices and apartment buildings
* common areas and public spaces on university and college campuses (like the library and student union building, but not classrooms, labs, offices or residences)
* train stations, bus stations, ferry terminals and airports

Under the Provinces guidelines, children under 2 are exempt, as well as children 2 to 4 when their caregiver can't get them to wear a mask. People with a valid medical reason for not wearing a mask are also exempt.

Read the media release issued by the province on July 24, 2020 :

Nova Scotians without ready access to non-medical masks can now get reusable, cloth masks free at all public libraries and 24 provincial museums. read more: https://novascotia.ca/news/release/?id=20200730001

For more information about mask use in Nova Scotia and COVID-19 response in Nova Scotia go to https://novascotia.ca/coronavirus/

July 29, 2020; Liverpool, NS:  Residents of Queens County will soon be able to share their thoughts on how to improve accessibility throughout Queens County.  Region of Queens Municipality will begin by first looking inward, assessing Municipal properties and services in terms of accessibility and creating action plans for improvement.    

Province of Nova Scotia’s Accessibility Act was adopted in 2017, with a vision of an accessible Nova Scotia by 2030. Implementation is planned to begin in 2022 with the first standards relating to built environment and education.  One of the first actions to be taken will be the establishment of an Accessibility Advisory Committee.  The Committee will consist of two Councillors and five members of the public who are either a person with a disability or who represent an organization for persons with disabilities. Their role is to work with the Municipality’s Accessibility Coordinator, Elise Johnston, to assist with outreach and making customized recommendations on standards for Region of Queens Municipality’s Accessibility Plan.  An essential part of the development of the plan is public input, one of the methods of which will be through an Accessibility Survey. It is important that those living with disabilities of any kind share their experiences of living with disabilities in the survey, ensuring that the barriers in Queens County are recognized and addressed as part of the plan developed by the Accessibility Coordinator and Accessibility Committee. A call for expressions of interest for Accessibility Committee members and posting of the Accessibility Survey for Queens County will both be promoted in the coming weeks.

“Council is pleased to see the Accessibility Plan for Queens County begin to move forward.  Throughout the mandate of the current Council, we have been taking steps toward improving accessibility in Queens County, such as installing an audible crossing signal at the traffic lights in Liverpool, painting sidewalk splays, installation of an accessible washroom and entry doors at the Municipal Administration Office, and Council’s support through a grant of up to $99,750 and land at Queens Place Emera Centre for the Queens Universally Designed Play Park,” said David Dagley, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality. “We look forward to seeing the recommendations of the Accessibility Plan, and the work that will ensue from the Accessibility Committee.”

July 29, 2020; Liverpool, NS:  Region of Queens Municipality took a big step forward yesterday adopting a Municipal Government for All Vision Framework that sets the stage for the creation of a community-led Diversity and Inclusion Action Team and the hiring of a Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator. While the Framework was not unanimously approved, Mayor David Dagley is pleased with its adoption by a clear majority of Council, “Today, we recognize that as a local government closest to the people, that we need to do better to serve all of our residents fairly. This document begins that process by accepting responsibility for our faults and committing to correcting them going forward. Without a recognition of a problem, we cannot bring forward solutions.”

The Framework has been in development since last fall and outlines changes that are required at the municipal level with programs, services, and infrastructure. It also recognizes that those marginalized in our community by racism and discrimination need to be part of the team that provides advice to Council and the community on ways to be more diverse and inclusive.

“Queens County is known as a welcoming community, but Council acknowledges that we still have room to improve to ensure that all in our communities are treated equitably, as we work towards eliminating systemic racism and discrimination,” said David Dagley, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality. “Queens is not immune to discrimination, and it is our vision to move forward, working with our residents, Council and staff to change the way we think about daily interactions, policies and procedures, and strive to remove barriers and create positive connections for all.”

The Framework will begin to be implemented immediately with advertising for interested members of the community to become involved with the Diversity and Inclusion Action Team, consisting of local residents, once its Terms of Reference are approved. The Action Team will engage with the community to identify needs and supports to ensure inclusion and equality for all, regardless of race, religion, gender identity, gender expression, ability, and those feeling unheard, with a feeling of individual and community belonging, as well as a sense of pride, person and dignity.

“Queens County is known for thinking proactively, and being an open-minded, resilient community. We are pleased to move forward as an inclusive community accepting of all, and know our residents will be supportive of today’s positive changes,” said Dagley.

A motion earlier in the meeting to refer the matter to the new Council after the October 2020 election was later withdrawn.

July 28, 2020; Liverpool, NS:  A new collective agreement between Region of Queens Municipality and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEM) Local 1928 has been ratified and approved by Council at the July 28, 2020 Regular Council meeting.  The agreement will provide unionized full-time and temporary employees in the Engineering and Public Works Department with 2% annual increases in their hourly wage each year over a four year period, from April 1, 2020 through to March 31, 2024.  In addition to the 2% annual increase in wages, Materials Recovery Facility Sorters will receive a one-time 50 cent increase in their hourly rate, retroactive to March 31, 2020. 

“Region of Queens Municipality is proud of the skilled workforce we employ in our Engineering and Public Works Department.  These employees enable many progressive infrastructure projects to be completed with our own workforce, at considerable savings to taxpayers,” said David Dagley, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality.   “The department is an asset to our community, and we are proud to provide employment for 39 local people, many of whom have worked for Region of Queens Municipality for many years.”

There are 24 full-time employees and 15 temporary employees within the Engineering and Public Works Department responsible for Materials Recovery Facility, Municipal Solid Waste Management Facility, South Queens Water Treatment Facility, North and South Queens Sewage Treatment Facilities, Capital Works, as well as streets in Liverpool, sidewalks, storm water and other Municipal parks and properties throughout Queens County.

July 22, 2020; Liverpool, NS:  Plans are now underway for Phase 3 re-opening of Queens Place Emera Centre, which includes the installation of ice.  Staff are now taking bookings for August 3, 2020 and thereafter.  The arena re-opening will require significant safety protocols to be in place. Users are being advised of these when booking ice.

“Safety is our number one priority.  The rules and protocols for Queens Place Emera Centre are constantly being reviewed and re-evaluated based on current Public Health protocols. The safety measures in effect at Queens Place Emera Centre always meet or exceed recommendations of Public Health with regard to COVID-19.  We look forward to the gradual increase in usage of Queens Place Emera Centre,” said David Dagley, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality. There are different protocols in place at Queens Place Emera Centre for the fitness centre, indoor track and arena.  The public gathering areas, such as the lobby are not open to the public at this point in time, due to current Public Health protocols.

Queens Place Emera Centre closed to the public on March 16, 2020, as a result of Public Health direction due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Ice was removed from the arena, and maintenance work on the arena and other parts of Queens Place Emera Centre was completed during the closure.  On June 22, 2020, the indoor track and fitness centre opened as part of the phased reopening of the facility as part of Phase 1, and on July 20, 2020, fitness classes resumed as part of the Phase 2 re-opening plans.

To enquire about booking ice, please contact Kristen Herman, Customer Service Manager at 902-354-4422.

Ice installation 1Ice Installation 2Ice installation 4

On Thursday, July 2, 2020, Region of Queens Municipality's Administration Office will shift to summer hours. 
Summer hours: 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Regular hours will resume on Tuesday, September 1, 2020 (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)


2020 Summer Hours Administration Office1

June 12, 2020: The time has arrived where we can begin to partially re-open Queens Place Emera Centre to the public. During the past three months, our staff have been completing maintenance, offering on-line fitness classes, and cleaning rigorously to prepare to safely re-open according to the required public health protocols. WE MISS YOU and are excited to see you all again soon. We are pleased to begin the re-opening with Phase 1 which will involve re-opening the fitness centre and indoor track effective Monday, June 22, 2020. The initial re-opening of the Fitness Centre will be for those who had current memberships or previously purchased punch cards at the time of the facility closure, while the indoor track will be open to both members and non-members. The majority of access in the Fitness Centre will be by appointment to ensure you will have a spot when you arrive and that we are able to maintain the required physical distancing requirements. All members who previously provided permission to be contacted by email will be provided the specific details regarding appointments and the new health and safety protocols that are being implemented early next week. Those who did not provide permission to be contacted by email can look for this information which will be posted on our website and social media pages, or can contact the facility directly.

Once we are able to successfully make this transition, we will then move to Phase 2 which will see fitness classes once again offered. This date will be set shortly after we are able to assess the effectiveness and compliance by users in Phase 1.

Phase 3 of our re-opening plan will involve the re-installation of the ice surface in early September. We have considered the public health protocols that will be required to safely open the ice surface, dressing rooms, washrooms, et cetera to various participants. Based on current public health directives limiting use to 10 people, requirements for physical distancing at all times, and the continuous vigorous cleaning and disinfecting required prior to and after each user group, we cannot guarantee the safety of users of these areas consistently throughout each day during the summer, while maintaining the rest of the building. We must not jeopardize the safety and well-being of our users and residents, and ask that everyone be understanding concerning these few months of inconvenience. Throughout the summer, we will work on facility ice usage protocols based on the constantly evolving Public Health Guidelines to ensure the safety of both staff and user groups upon re-opening this part of the facility.

Thank you to the many people that have called and emailed positive comments and support for our staff during this shutdown period. We hope when you re-enter that you will be as proud as our staff are of how fresh and new the facility looks. We know we will not get the re-opening perfect, but will modify our plans continuously as we evaluate your feedback. Thank you for your patience. Now get your sneakers cleaned off and welcome back!

QPEC Re Opening Announcement June 12 2020

Statement: Black Lives Matter

June 5, 2020:  Sadness. Grief. Shock. Disbelief. Desire to right the wrongs.  A wide range of emotions have been felt by all persons over the past 12 days since the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Region of Queens Municipality strives to be an inclusive, welcoming and supportive community for all residents and visitors, and as such, we do recognize that there is room for improvement. 

It is timely for everyone to reflect on past actions, and strive to ensure a future without racism.

Out of respect and recognition that black lives matter, we are flying the Pan African Flag on the special purpose flagpole on the Liverpool waterfront through to June 19, 2020.

Please take care of each other and continue to be safe.

Mayor David Dagley

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May 28, 2020; Liverpool, NS: As the Nova Scotian economy begins to open up, Region of Queens Municipality is re-opening the Administration Building for public access starting on June 1, 2020.

“Our community, along with the rest of Nova Scotia, Canada and the world, has experienced challenges over the past two months. Region of Queens Municipality’s staff have continued to provide service to our community throughout the pandemic, using internet and telephone options. We are happy to be able to offer more services to our residents and the general public. Safety is at the forefront of our reopening, and we have implemented a wide assortment of protocols to observe social distancing, maximum gathering limits, and hygienic measures for the protection of the public and our staff, and will adjust our protocols as needed in response to evolving Public Health guidelines.”

Most municipal services continue to be available online, and residents are not required to conduct business in person at the Administration building; however, beginning June 1, 2020 at 8:30 a.m., public access to the municipal administration building will be available through access points at two doors only - the Finance Department entrance and the Planning & Development/Engineering & Works Departments’ entrance. There will be signage in place, and each of these entrances have parking nearby and will minimize the opportunity to block walkways.

Public members will continue to use the Finance Department entrance to pay taxes, water and sewer accounts, obtain vending permits, pay for building and planning permits, and obtain and pay for dog registrations. The second entrance at Planning & Development Service/Engineering & Works will be used to access supports and information related to building permit and development permit requests, bylaw enforcement, planning matters and municipal infrastructure information. The Recreation and Economic Development entrance will remain closed, but residents can visit one of the other entrances for these services.

Residents will be able to enter one at a time unless support is required from a family member or caregiver. Another individual will be permitted to enter however; they must immediately enter and sit in the chairs provided which will be a safe distance from the counter and the individual being served. If more individuals are present outside the door, they will be asked to remain outside until invited in and to physically distance.
In addition to the Administration Building reopening, a number of services that had temporarily been on hold will be available, effective June 1, 2020. Public market permits and vending permits will be available, with approved safety plans in place, and enforcement will resume for parking meters and timed parking lots.

“The new normal we are experiencing is different and will take some getting used to, but is necessary to help reduce the risk of spreading of COVID-19,” said Mayor Dagley. “Many in our business community will also be opening and expanding their services next week. We encourage residents to support our local businesses, as these have been challenging times for their businesses. They have adapted to the changes, as have our residents. I am proud that Queens County residents have continued to show their resilience and strength.”

Queens Place Emera Centre will remain closed at the present time and a plan for that facility will be forthcoming at a later date.


May 13, 2020: Please click the link to read the Program and Service Statement from Region of Queens Municipality's Chief Administrative Office, Chris McNeill.

Region of Queens Municipality’s Capital Works staff will begin work on the Jubilee Street Rehabilitation project on Monday, May 4, 2020. The first two weeks of work will begin within the intersection of Jubilee and Main Streets, during which Main Street will be closed to public traffic between Gorham Street and Market St. The 3-way intersection will be open on Market Street and on Main Street in front of the Post Office.

When the work is completed within the intersection, Main Street will reopen, and Jubilee Street will be closed until late summer. During this construction period Sewer, Water, Storm, Curb/Gutter, Sidewalks and Retaining Walls will be installed, utility poles relocated and the paving completed. Jubilee Street will be open to Residents and Emergency vehicles. The Royal Bank Parking lot may be accessed through Gorham Street. 

Please plan your route accordingly, while this necessary construction takes place.  

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