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In the spring of 2001, Council approved the formation of a Planning Advisory Committee whose purpose would be to to advise Council on issues relating to the preparation of, and amendments to, planning documents, and on land use planning matters in general. Three (3) members of Council and one representative from each of the seven (7)* electoral districts currently sit on the Committee. Meetings are held in the Council Chambers of the Regional Administration Building, located at 249 White Point Road in Liverpool, on the first (1st) Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.

Planning Advisory Committee District Expiry
Councillor Susan MacLeod   October 31, 2020
Deputy Mayor Heather Kelly   October 31, 2020
Councillor Raymond Fiske   October 31, 2020
Robert Ross District 1 October 31, 2020
Julie Petrella District 2 October 31, 2019
Maddie Charlton District 3 October 31, 2020
Mary White District 4 October 31, 2019
Mike Ferguson District 5 October 31, 2020
Paul Connolly District 6 October 31, 2019
Don Kimball District 7 October 31, 2020


Planning Advisory Committee agenda packages are listed below:


The latest Planning Advisory Committee minutes are listed below:


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