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ELECTION 2020 Poll Boundaries and Voting Locations

Municipal Election will be held on Saturday, OCTOBER 17, 2020.  Electors may vote between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. at the locations listed below.


District & Division

Voter Boundaries

Voting Place

1 – 1

That part of District 1 from the Shelburne County line to the west side of Broad River, including East Port L’Hebert, Port Joli, Port Mouton and South West Port Mouton.

West Queens Community Centre

70 River Head Road, Port Mouton

1 - 2

That part of District 1 from the east side of Broad River to McAlpine Brook, including Summerville Center, Hunts Point, Beech Hill Farms and White Point.

Hunts Point Community Hall

200 Silver Rock Drive, Hunts Point

1 – 3

That part of District 1 from McAlpine Brook  to that part of White Point and Liverpool including all of White Point Road, McDonald Road, West Street, Bog Road, Meadow Pond Lane, Old Port Mouton Road, west of Payzant Street and George Street between White Point Road and Old Port Mouton Road.

Liverpool Fire Hall

520 Main Street, Liverpool


All of Liverpool comprising of streets northwest of, but not including Church Street, excluding properties on the eastern side of Union Street between Church Street and Waterloo Street, Parker Street, Old Pit Lane, Mill Lane, Old Port Mouton Road between Payzant Street and Main Street and all streets north of Old Port Mouton Road.

Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #38

43 Henry Hensey Drive, Liverpool

3 – 1

That part of District 3 including that part of Liverpool south of and including all of Church Street, west to the centerline of Union Street and southwest to the intersection of Waterloo Street, Payzant Street and White Point Road.

South Queens Middle School

157 Old Bridge Street, Liverpool

3 – 2

That part of District 3 consisting of Mount Pleasant, Mersey Point, Moose Harbour and Western Head.

Mersey Point Community Hall

628 Shore Road, Mersey Point

3 – 3

Queens Manor (for residents only)

Queens Manor

4 – 1

That part of District 4 from Queens Place Drive to that part of Brooklyn to the western side of, but not including Mount Pleasant Road.

Brooklyn Community Hall

3960 Highway 3, Brooklyn

4 - 2

That part of District 4 from that part of Brooklyn including Mount Pleasant Road, Beach Meadows, Eagle Head, West Berlin and East Berlin.

Seaside Community Centre

1066 Eastern Shore Road, Beach Meadows


That part of Milton west of the Mersey River and north of Highway 103, and east of the Mersey river including River Road and Ponhook Reserve, and that part of Liverpool including Milton Road, Bristol Avenue, Mersey Avenue and Old Falls Road.

Milton Community Hall

168 Tupper Street, Milton

6 – 1

That part of District 6 south of Highway 103 and west of the Medway River consisting of parts of Mill Village and all of Port Medway.

Port Medway Fire Hall

66 Long Cove Road, Port Medway

6 – 2

That part of District 6 including Greenfield, Buckfield, Bangs Falls, Labelle, Middlefield, Pleasantfield and Medway River 11.

Greenfield Fire Hall

4960 Medway River Road, Greenfield

6 – 3

That part of District 6 including Mill Village north of Highway 103, Charleston, East Port Medway, Danesville and Riversdale.

Mill Village Fire Hall

39 Medway River Road, Mill Village

6 – 4

Hillsview Acres (for residents only)

Hillsview Acres

7 – 1

That part of District 7 consisting of Pleasant River, North Brookfield, South Brookfield, Molega, Molega North, Wildcat 12 and part of Hibernia consisting of Hibernia Road south of the Meaugher One Road.

North Brookfield Community Hall

6143 Highway 208, North Brookfield

7 – 2

That part of District 7 consisting of Caledonia, West Caledonia, Westfield, Harmony Mills, Whiteburn Mines, New Grafton, Albany New, Northfield, Kempt and part of Hibernia consisting of Hibernia Road north of and including the Meaugher One Road and Christopher Road.

North Queens Fire Hall

9793 Highway 8, Caledonia

7 – 3

North Queens Nursing Home (for residents only)

North Queens Nursing Home

 If you have any questions about the boundaries or the election in general, please contact the returning officer by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phoning 902-354-3453.


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