On February 14, 2017 Council of the Region of Queens Municipality approved the following motion:

It is recommended that the Council of The Region of Queens Municipality:

1. Continue to work with the Queens Community Aquatic Society to develop a budget and business plan for an indoor pool project, including construction and operation, and return to Council for final consideration;

2. Commit to the development of the pool project as the priority recreation infrastructure capacity building project, including the deferral of all significant new funding commitments for new recreation services or recreation infrastructure, until the final decision to proceed or not is made; And,

3. Continue to inform and engage with the public on program and facility design, budget development, and financial implications.

It is intended to share project development information on this project on this web site.

Council Reports:
 Item 16.3 – April 26, 2016 Council Meeting – Queens County Aquatic Society Proposal
 Item 15.3 – February 14, 2017 Council Meeting – Community Indoor Pool

Queens County Aquatic Society Meeting Minutes:
 04-03-2017 – Queens County Aquatic Society Meeting Minutes
03-31-2017 – Queens County Aquatic Society Meeting Minutes
03-13-2017 – Queens County Aquatic Society Meeting Minutes

Queens County Aquatic Society Presentations:
 A Pool for Liverpool
 Community Engagement Meeting
 QCAS- Update – January 24, 2017

Other Information:
 RQM Future Aquatic Centre – Building Type Comparison & Costing – Architecture 49 – January 19, 2016
 QCAS-NSHA – Survey Results – Fall 2016
 RQM Community Engagement Meeting – Public Comments – February 2, 2017-


For the Queens County Aquatic Society Website click here.  To contact the Society you can reach them via email at qcaspool@gmail.com.