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Queens is a research hub - a university without walls. Literally an open university, researchers use our unique protected status in the UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere, drawn here by our excellent infrastructure for students to study in the field.

The people of Queens have constantly had to innovate throughout their deep history in business with the ebb and flow of industry trends. Right now as global pressures take their toll on many of our primary industries, our business community is continually looking at new ways to maximize opportunities and creativity build a competitive edge.

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Former Bowater Mersey Mill Site Potential to Turn into Mecca for Forestry Innovation: Progress Media Article

Liverpool's new InnovaCorp Demonstration Centre for Resource-Based Bioeconomy located at the former Bowater Mersey mill site has the potential to turn Liverpool into a mecca for forestry innovation in the post-paper world and transform the forestry industry of Atlantic Canada along with it by piloting everything from biofuel to wood-based laminates to plastics that could someday replace fibreglass. Click here to read the complete article.


Clean Energy to be produced at Port Mersey Commercial Park

Nov. 4, 2014 - Progress Magazine featured an article about Ms. Fong's innovative clean energy project that will locate at the Innovacorp Demonstration Centre in Brooklyn.

On July 29, 2014, an announcement was made at Port Mersey Commercial Park (the former site of Bowater Mersey). Energy Minister Andrew Younger took part in an event announcing that LightSail Energy and Watts Wind Energy Inc., in partnership with Innovacorp, have COMFIT program support for a project that stores wind energy.

Danielle Fong, co founder and chief scientist of LightSail Energy, was in attendance at the announcement as well, and developed the innovative technology. Ms. Fong is originally from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and has received financial support for her work from the provincial government, Bill Gates, Total Energy of France, and Innovacorp.

"LightSail Energy is very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this exciting project," said Ms. Fong. "This project will be a landmark and a world first; providing inexpensive, reliable wind power, available on demand, around-the-clock, delivered to the grid to power Nova Scotia businesses and homes."

Ms. Fong's technology will allow for a clean method to store large amounts of wind energy, and will be developed at Port Mersey Commercial Park in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia. Watts Wind Energy Inc. will install wind turbines as part of a 3.6 megawatt project through the Department of Energy's COMFIT program, by the summer of 2016.

To see the announcement, click here for the video.  Read about it here.
To learn more about Danille Fong, co-founder of LightSail Energy, click here , and to find out more about LightSail Energy, click here.

November 17, 2014:  Danielle Fong, co-founder and chief scientist at LightSail Energy, gave the followoing presentation on Time's online magazine.  Fong says her company has a solution to store energy in compressed air. She explains why we need innovations like this to save the globe in this video. 

Cellufuel to start operations at Port Mersey in early 2015

 From the Cellufuel website:  CelluFuel Inc. is a Nova Scotia based start-up that is focused on the development of the production of synthetic renewable fuels from the forestry resource. It has an exclusive license for an innovative technology that it is in the process of transferring to Nova Scotia.

This demonstration project brings an innovative opportunity for the development of the forestry industry and rural economic development in Nova Scotia in a clean, renewable and sustainable manner.

Upon the successful completion of the demonstration project, CelluFuel is positioned for the development of several larger full commercial scale projects in many locations in rural Nova Scotia. These projects will provide the potential for a significant economic impact within those rural communities.