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In 2018, the Region of Queens Municipality initiated the Business Façade Program as a way of helping the business community with the costs associated with maintaining and improving the customer-facing aspect of their commercial properties. Thanks to the support of Council, an allocated $25,000 in funding is available for our 2023-2024 fiscal year. These funds are designated for businesses looking to boost their curb appeal, improve visibility, and make their business safer and more accessible for all customer demographics.

To date, the Region has invested $120,225 in thirty-SIX (36) separate improvement projects throughout Queens. When matched or exceeded by the applicant businesses, this represents a total value of investments in our commercial sector of $273,200 – changing the face of businesses throughout Queens County.

Taking steps to invest in a more welcoming, safe, and accessible outward appearance demonstrates confidence, attracts and retains customers, and sends a strong public message that you care about the community you’re operating in. Not to mention how it can stimulate neighbouring businesses to do the same.

Successful applicants can receive funds from the Municipality for up to 50% of approved costs (exclusive of HST), to a maximum of $5,000 per project. Most commercial properties can participate and the range of exterior projects eligible for funding is vast. From replacing or repairing windows and doors, adding seasonal planters or landscaping, repairing building architecture or siding, to creating bold and clear signage in celebration of your brand, these are just a few eligible possibilities for funding.


Guidelines and Application Form

Full program guidelines and the application form for the 2024-2025 Business Facade Program are available for download below. Applications will be accepted from now until the deadline, and, following their review, applicants will be notified after that time.


NOTE: All approved projects must be completed no later than the end of February 2025.

Business Facade Program 2024-2025

Every business who takes part in this program, contributes to the revitalization of business areas within our community, and impacts economic growth, so it is an important and mutually beneficial initiative! We are here to help and welcome the opportunity to walk you through the steps and get you across the finish line. Good luck!

To submit your completed application or get further clarification, contact Stephanie Sereda, Community Development Coordinator at (902) 354-3453 ext. 2241 or ssereda@regionofqueens.com.