Region of Queens Municipality

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Bear Cove Resources Storm-cast

Contact: Betsy Hartt/Robert Iuliucci
Contact Phone: 902-354-3687
Address: 142 East Berlin Road
Nova Scotia
East Berlin
Mailing Address: 142 East Berlin Road
RR 1 Brooklyn Queens County
Nova Scotia
Cell Phone: 1-902-471-1725
Email: Click Here
Is Seeking Volunteers: No
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Storm-cast composted seaweed in two forms: Original for all gardening and fine screened Pasteurized for seed starting, boosting indoor plants, herbs and general gardens. 100% fully composted sea wrack. Contact us for a tour and/or purchase.

Bear Cove Resources carefully collects sea wrack from local beaches under permit from the Department of Natural Resources; composts it at their organic vegetable farm in East Berlin Queens County; packages it and markets it especially for the gardener/farmer who prefers to use a local sustainable fertilizer.

Latitude: 44.07005 Longitude: -64.57435