Region of Queens Municipality Approves 2024-2025 Budget

April 29, 2023; Liverpool, NS: Following several months of budget planning and deliberations, the annual Operating, Water Utility, and Capital Budgets for Region of Queens Municipality were unanimously approved at the April 29, 2024 Special Council meeting. The budget was approved with no increase to the previous year’s tax rate. Operating Budget total is $29.8 million, including Hillsview Acres. The 2024-2025 Water Utility Budget totals $1.25 million with a projected deficit of $442,122, and the Capital Budget total is $21.5 million.

“Queens is in a period of population and business growth and requires robust infrastructure, accessible recreational opportunities, and diverse services. Balancing those needs in a budget with Council’s desire to have no increase in tax rate due to economic challenges faced by many, made this year’s budget process challenging but we are happy to announce the base tax rate in all categories has remained the same as last year,” said Mayor Darlene Norman.

Region of Queens Municipality’s tax rates are inclusive of services such as fire services, street lighting, solid waste collection, and paving, which are often collected as area rates in other Municipalities. Tax bills will be mailed to property owners by the end of May, with taxes due upon receipt, however, if paid by June 30, 2024, no interest charges will be applied.

The 2024-2025 Operating, Water Utility and Capital Budgets will be posted on-line by the end of the week: . The Special Council meeting of April 29, 2024 was live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube. Residents wishing to watch Council approve the budgets may watch the video on the Region of Queens Municipality’s YouTube channel:

Fact Sheet: 2024-2025 Budget, Region of Queens Municipality

  • No increase in Residential, Resource and Commercial Tax assessment for all properties throughout Queens County.
  • A half cent decrease in hydrant charges in District 13 and those in Districts 1, 3, 5, and 6 for those properties connected to, or have the ability to connect to Liverpool’s Water Utility.
  • Residential and Resource Tax Rate for Districts 1 – 12 (all communities, excluding Liverpool) remains at $1.07 per $100 assessment.
  • Residential and Resource Tax Rate for District 13 (Liverpool) is now $1.895 per $100 assessment.
  • Commercial Tax Rate Districts 1 – 12 is now $2.17 per $100 assessment.
  • Commercial Tax Rate for District 13 is now $2.995 per $100 assessment.
  • The Water Utility Budget is projecting a deficit of $442,122 with no rate increase.
  • The five (5) volunteer fire departments in Queens (Greenfield and District Volunteer Fire Department, Liverpool Fire Fighters Association, Mill Village and District Volunteer Fire Department, North Queens Fire Association, and Port Medway Fire Department) will receive an additional 1 cent of the tax rate ($126,772) to increase the fire truck funding.
  • Scholarships amounts were increased by $4,500, which will provide 3 graduating students with a scholarship of $3,000 each to pursue higher education (one graduating student at Liverpool Regional High School, North Queens Community School, and Queens Adult High School).
  • Capital projects totaling $21.5 million are budgeted, including upgrades to water and sewer infrastructure on Waterloo Street (eastern section) and Weir Lane, commencement of upgrades to the system to enable the Mount Pleasant water and wastewater extension, as well as re-routing water distribution lines from the water treatment facility. A Provincial grant of $10.7 million has been received for the $20.5 million water and wastewater upgrades in Liverpool and Mount Pleasant areas.
  • Funds have been allocated in the amount of $2 million for a heated, 6-lane, 25 metre, accessible outdoor pool in South Queens, to replace the 57-year-old Milton Centennial Pool. Also, an anonymous donation of $3 million was committed and provincial funding of $2.2 million was received, fulfilling the estimated $7.2 million cost of this project.
  • Renovations to adapt available space at the Liverpool Business Development Centre to house library services have been budgeted at $1,000,000.
  • Funds of $50,000 have been budgeted to start a reserve fund for a jet fuel system at South Shore Regional Airport. The funds will help to leverage the additional 2/3 funding needed for such a system.
  • Fireworks funding has been budgeted for North Queens in the amount of $5,000.
  • Additional funding of $10,000 was added to the total for Tax Exemptions for low-income households (total amount in budget is $135,000), and the maximum household income levels were increased in each of the 3 categories (total household income levels of $0 – $25,000 are eligible for a rebate of $400, from $25,001 – $30,000 are eligible for $350 rebate, and from $30,001 – $35,000 are eligible for $300 rebate