Message from Mayor Darlene Norman: Boil Water Advisory

Myself, other members of Council and staff are repeatedly asked, ‘What are the specifics respecting the reasons for the length of time the boil water advisory has been issued?’ Department of Environment stress the message displayed at the bottom of this page, is the one message to give.  Having said that, I will offer you what I know as of today’s date.   Fixing this situation has been a priority since day one.  Water utility staff have engaged consultants, various agencies, and other water utility specialists.  The water utility plant is working at 2/3 capacity and water is being produced that is sanitized based upon manual testing and adjustments.  The components which do this electronically have arrived, however it is imperative that before they are installed every method is undertaken to ensure stable energy to the plant.  In other words, physical work is presently being undertaken in conjunction with Nova Scotia Power to make the plant resistant to lightning impacts before installing valuable components.  To install these components, have more lightening strikes and be back to square one, is not logical.   I thank those who have been patient.  Once Department of Environment are satisfied consistent water quality that is within their parameters can be met, they will provide notice the boil water advisory can be lifted. 

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