EMO updates

July 26, 2023: Nova Scotians can now apply for disaster financial assistance related to damage from flooding.

The program covers up to $200,000 in uninsurable losses per household, small business and not-for-profit organization.

Applications are available:

Residents are asked to continue to assess damage, keep all receipts and take pictures and video, as well as work with their insurance companies.

Disaster financial assistance does not replace private insurance and only uninsurable damage is eligible.

People who are not sure if their insurance covers the damage should contact their insurance broker or company, or the Insurance Bureau of Canada at 1-844-227-5422.


July 23, 2023, 2:05 p.m.: The washout on St. Catherine’s River Road in Port Joli has been repaired and the road is now reopened.

*** Please note: Kejimkujik Seaside is closed due to the washout of St. Catherine’s River Road, Port Joli. There are barricades in place for safety at the washout area. Please do not cross the barricades.

July 22, 2023, 5:12 p.m.:
West Queens Recreation Centre will be open until 8 p.m. tonight (July 22, 2023) for charging devices and equipment, having a shower, water, and there is a limited amount of food available as well. West Queens Recreation Centre is located at 70 Riverhead Road, Port Mouton.


The following flyer is being distributed on Behalf of Region of Queens Municipality’s EMO this afternoon.

Voluntary Evacuation – Saturday, July 22, 2023

St. Catherine’s River Road, Port Joli – Civic #297 to the end of the road

** departure at end of St. Catherine’s River Road, past the entrance to Keji Seaside Park at 5:00 p.m.

  • Due to a washout on St. Catherine’s River Road, Port Joli, Residents beyond civic #297 are unable to exit from the road, and there is no ability for anyone to enter.
  • It is anticipated that road repair by Nova Scotia Public Works will not be completed for at least 5 days.
  • A one-time evacuation is being coordinated by Region of Queens EMO with the help of local Fire departments and volunteers. This evacuation will be by boat, then by bus to the West Queens Recreation Centre, 70 Riverhead Road, Port Mouton, where a Red Cross Evacuation/Registration Centre is being set up. You are welcome to stay there or find accommodation with friends/family or elsewhere.
  • Boats will be at the end of St. Catherine’s River Road at 5 p.m. If there are any people in your household requiring assistance to evacuate due to a mobility challenge, please call 902-523-0206, ASAP.
  • Please pack lightly and bring medication, clothing and supplies for 5 days. You are welcome to bring your pets, however will have to make your own arrangements for their accommodation.
  • If you choose not to evacuate at this time, please be aware that there is no access to properties beyond #297 and medical and emergency services will be unable to access the area by road for at least 5 days.

Posted at 3:10 p.m., July 22, 2023.


Possible Evacuation of Residents along Mersey River No Longer Required

1:50 p.m., July 22, 2023, Liverpool:  Please note, that possible evacuation is no longer required for residents along the Mersey River, in the area of Cowie Falls and the bridge in Liverpool.  Water levels have fallen to below maximum levels.  Nova Scotia Power continues to be on site at their dams and are monitoring the situation, and Region of Queens EMO remain in contact with them.

The public is advised to stay away from river shorelines as water levels remain elevated and fast moving.  As well, please stay off the roadways unless necessary, to allow emergency services and Public Works crews to do their work to keep the community safe.


12:05 pm, July 22, 2023, Liverpool: Please note; access to 168 Tupper Street, Milton, NS is blocked due to a wash out. Tupper Street can be accessed can be accessed from either end.

July 22, 2023; Liverpool, NS:
  As a result of rising water levels from recent heavy rainfall, residents with properties along the Mersey River, Queen County and adjacent areas are advised to be prepared in case an evacuation is required, from Cowie Falls to the Bridge in Liverpool.  If an evacuation is required, it will be done door to door. A location of an evacuation registration centre will be provided at that time. 

Since 9 a.m. July 21, more than 300 mm of rain has fallen and the area has experienced severe thunder and lighting.  Nova Scotia Power is on site and monitoring the situation of its dams, and Region of Queens EMO continues to be updated on the status regularly.

Region of Queens Municipality urges the public to shelter in place unless they are contacted to evacuate.  The public is reminded to stay off roadways to allow emergency service providers to do their work. Further updates will be posted on the Region of Queens website – www.regionofqueens.com and on the Municipality’s Facebook page.

(posted: 9:51 a.m., July 22, 2023)