Public Notice: Community Well Reopens

May 31, 2023; Liverpool, NS: Following an extended closure, Cowie Well in Liverpool, NS has reopened for public use. The well has received approval from Nova Scotia Department of Environment (NSE) to reopen, following a series of tests showing that the water meets the criteria required by the Nova Scotia Water and Wastewater Facilities and Public Drinking Water Supplies Regulations. Cowie Well has been closed since April 3, 2023 after weekly sampling tested positive for total coliforms. The well remained closed while staff undertook technical assessment and subsequent system upgrades.

As part of the 2023/2024 operating budget, Council approved upgrades to Cowie Well to ensure its confident operation. Upgrades included a new filtration system, UV disinfection system, dehumidification system, sampling port, plumbing lines, and sterilization and sealing of the process area.

Upon completion of the enhancements, multiple water samples were analyzed for microbiology and chemical composition at an accredited laboratory. Testing results were submitted to NSE for approval and approval was granted to reopen on May 31, 2023.