Public notice: MOBI Mat Removed for the Season at Beach Meadows Beach

September 27, 2022: With the recent storm and the approach of fall, and winter winds and strong surf, the MOBI Mat at Beach Meadows Beach has been removed for the season. Remember the accessible boardwalks get everyone close to the beach to experience the beauty of the ocean and feel the salt air.


  • Boardwalk 2 provides access right to the sand, and there is a bench at the end to sit on and observe the beach. In late Spring/early summer until early autumn, the MOBI Mat is in place at the end of Boardwalk 2 to enable access to the hard sand. During the off season, the MOBI mat is removed.
  • Boardwalk 4 provides access to a viewing deck overlooking the beach all year long, with a bench in place to observe the beach. The platform at the end has stairs down to the beach sand.
  • Boardwalk 22