Region of Queens Municipality Launches Citizen Reporter and Other Tools

August 24, 2022: Earlier this year, Region of Queens Municipality began work on the inventory of all municipal assets as part of an asset management program. The software used for the collection of assets is a web-based geographic information system (GIS) called ArcGIS. The software has many capabilities including a number that will help simplify reporting and making requests to Region of Queens’ Engineering & Public Works Department.

Starting today, users will be able to report non-emergency requests related to parks & trails, transportation services, winter maintenance, water utility, sanitary and storm sewer through use of the Citizen Reporter. The tool will allow users to submit details of a particular request directly to the Engineering & Public Works Department. Once received the requests will be reviewed and triaged based on priority. Users can check back on the Citizen Reporter to review the status of their request as well as other requests throughout the Region of Queens Municipality.

In addition to the Citizen Reporter, digital versions of Curb Cut and Traffic Disruption Permit Applications have been added to the website as well as a map to view current approved Traffic Disruptions within the jurisdiction of the Liverpool Traffic Authority.

The previously mentioned tools are available for use at

Citizen Reporter for lobby monitor