Accessibility Improvements Made at Beach Meadows Beach

September 23, 2021; Liverpool, NS:  Beach Meadows Beach, a municipally owned beach, is now more accessible as the result of improvements. 

A MOBI mat and an accessible picnic table have been installed by Region of Queens Municipality at the popular beach located in Beach Meadows.  A MOBI mat is a durable mat made to provide ease of access for people with disabilities, those using mobility aids, or parents with strollers to use beaches, parks, and other public spaces. It is non-slip, has white stripes for people with visual impairments, is UV-, water- and mildew-resistant, and made of 100% recycled polyester.  Sand barriers to reduce sand on the boardwalk leading to the MOBI mat have also been installed.

“The MOBI mat provides a stable, accessible surface for people with mobility challenges to access the beach and get close to the ocean. Boardwalk #2 has been accessible for many years, but once people reached the end, they couldn’t actually go onto the sand,” said Darlene Norman, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality.  “The Municipality is pleased to be able to provide increased access to this beautiful beach, and to show our commitment to working to become a more accessible community.” 

This improvement was one of the items recommended by the Municipality’s Accessibility Advisory Committee as part of the Municipality’s recently approved Queens Municipal Accessibility Plan.

The mats and sand barriers were partially funded by a Community Access-Ability grant from The Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage of $20,000 that was received as two thirds contribution of municipal accessibility projects. 

  Beach Meadows MOBI Mat installed September 2021.1Beach meadows Beach Sand Barriers for Boardwalk 2 to MOBi Mat Sept 2021.1