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PLEASE NOTE:  Effective May 1, 2014 the use of wooden lattice work will will no longer be accepted as an air space in the Region of Queens Municipality.  Wooden lattice was accepted in the past, as there was no other suitable product available, there are now acceptable products on the market.

Who needs a Building Permit? Anyone who wants to construct, erect, alter, replace, relocate, or add to any structure and make any change or alteration to the use made of structures in the Region of Queens Municipality as outlined in the Nova Scotia Building Code Regulations.

All decks require a building permit.

There are exemptions, per Section of the National Building Code Regulations. The Code still applies, but a permit is not required for:

  • accessory building not greater than twenty (20) square meters (215.2 square feet), and;
  • interior and exterior non-structural materials, alterations, and material repairs with a monetary value of $5000 (five-thousand dollars) or less.

For complete requirements, the application form and the fee structure for Building Permits, click here for a PDF. The application form is a fillable form, however you must print off and sign the completed form and submit it with the required documentation to the Region of Queens with your payment. It cannot be e-mailed or faxed.  Click here for a breakdown of the current permit fees.

Click here for an application for Electrical Power Hook Up.

Click here for a Final Inspection Checklist.  


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