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February 2, 2017; Liverpool, NS: Concerns for safety and a decline in volunteerism has led two long standing Region of Queens Municipality’s volunteer fire departments to take steps to amalgamate. The Charleston Volunteer Fire Department has started the process of filing paperwork to transfer its assets to the Mill Village Fire Department. Both fire departments have seen declining membership for several years; the current level of 10 in at the Charleston Department is not a safe quotient. Public safety and volunteer capacity will be improved in Charleston, Mill Village and District through the amalgamation.

“We are supportive of the difficult choice that the Charleston and Mill Village Fire Departments have made to amalgamate their two forces. Ensuring community safety and the safety of their volunteer fire fighters was the primary concern of the Charleston Department when they approached the Mill Village Department,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “The Fire Departments have been significant to community life in Charleston and Mill Village for generations. The Region of Queens has a great deal of respect for the foresight and community spirit of those who established the departments many years ago. We also thank all the volunteers past and present who gave tirelessly of their time to support the Charleston Fire Department and wish the current members of both departments well as they work through this partnership.”
Once the Charleston and Mill Village Fire Departments determined that amalgamation of the two departments was the route to take, Municipal staff met with the Fire Chiefs to discuss maintaining the current level of municipal funding. Fire trucks will be temporality stored at the Charleston Volunteer Fire Department until renovations have been completed to house them at the Mill Village Department. Assets from the sale of the Charleston Fire Hall and its lands will be used to fund the expansion of the Fire Hall, and applied toward new equipment.
There is expected to be little change in the delivery of fire protection services under the amalgamation, as the two departments are located less than 4 km apart. The total number of structures in the amalgamated fire protection area is 507, which was formerly distributed as 190 for the Charleston Volunteer Fire Department and 317 in Mill Village.

The Region of Queens Municipality and the Queens Community Aquatic Society are co-hosting a public meeting on Thursday, February 2 at Queens Place Emera Centre from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm.  The results of the pool survey and the proposed next steps regarding a community pool will be discussed.  The public are welcome to attend.

January 24, 2017; Liverpool, NS: Opportunities and challenges may require in-depth discussion that requires more time than allotted in a Regular Council meeting. The Council of the Region of Queens Municipality approved a motion on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 directing staff to start the process of establishing a monthly Committee of the Whole meeting, with the standing agenda to be built based on Council’s Strategic Priorities.

“Committee of the Whole is a means for us to be able to have a discussion on a topic that we want to explore, without having to make a decision on it that day, as occurs when items come to Regular Council Meetings,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens. “Adding a meeting that is solely for discussion, deliberation and receiving input from residents, will help us advance Council’s priorities and ensure Council has had an opportunity to learn as much as possible about a topic before it advances to Council for a decision.”

A Committee of the Whole is intended to facilitate the decision-making process of Council. The Committee of the Whole is comprised of all members of Council who participate in debate and discussion, and, when necessary, forward recommendations to Council for final decision. Meetings are not considered formal Council meetings, and, as such, are structured as a less formal process. Expected agenda items for upcoming Committee of the Whole Agendas will include strategic deliberation on the municipal role in tourism, as well as attracting residents to Queens, or ways to meet the Region’s recreational needs.

“Not all items discussed in Committee of the Whole will be brought to an upcoming Council meeting. Some items will be to provide background that will enable us to understand other issues, and some items will require a few meetings to determine if there is enough information or a desire to warrant recommending that a motion occur at a Regular Council meeting,” said Dagley.

Committee of the Whole will meet on the third Tuesday of each month at the Council Chamber of the Region of Queens Municipality, 249 White Point Road, Liverpool, NS. Agendas for Committee of the Whole will be posted on the Region of Queens Municipality’s website ( http://www.regionofqueens.com/council-governance/council-agendas-minutes-audio )the Friday prior to the meeting. Final minutes will be posted once approved by Council. Similar to Council meetings, an MP3 of the audio recording of a Committee of the Whole meeting will be posted on the Region of Queens website, generally within 24 hours of the meeting.

January 24, 2017; Liverpool, NS: A motion was approved by the Council of the Region of Queens Municipality at the January 24th, 2017 Regular Council meeting authorizing staff to begin solicitation to source a development partner to help formulate and submit a proposal solution for the outdated 29 bed residential care facility located in Middlefield, Queens County.

“In seeking developers, we are working to be proactive about finding solutions for Hillsview Acres, resulting in a modern facility, and keeping the beds and the jobs here in Queens,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. During the discussion of the motion prior to Council voting, it was discussed that there is no guarantee that the Province of Nova Scotia or the Region of Queens Municipality will accept any resulting proposal developed as that proposal must fit the needs of the community, as well as that of government.

Once the solicitation is ready to go to market, it is expected to take approximately six months for the successful developer to prepare a proposal vetted by the Region of Queens Municipality to be jointly submitted to the Province of Nova Scotia. The Region of Queens Municipality owns and operates Hillsview Acres Home for Special Care. It is licensed and funded by the Department of Health and Wellness as a Level 1 Residential Care Facility with 29 beds. Employing 30 full time, part time and casual staff, Hillsview Acres is an important employer in Queens.

Recent community feedback through the Queens Care Society’s Housing and Transportation Needs Study portrayed and quantified the need for seniors housing in the community. Residential Care Facilities play an important component of that spectrum of housing needs.

The consulting costs associated with the project will be funded from the Hillsview Acres Replacement Reserve, and there is no impact to the Region of Queens Municipality’s Operating or Project Budgets.

January 24, 2017; Liverpool, NS: The Council of the Region of Queens Municipality voted in support of several motions that invest in tourism, recreational opportunities, arts and culture, and support a vibrant community. A new tenant for the Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre, development of innovative new technology for the Liverpool Visitor Information Centre, funding for a sporting event and support to bring an international event to the community, were all approved at their Regular Council Meeting on January 24, 2017.

“The motions approved today in Council are the culmination of several months of work by Council, staff and the proponents, and are reflective of our Council’s strategic priorities focusing on attracting and growing our population, and growing our economy,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality.

A motion was approved to enter into a three year lease with Julie Babin, and her business The Welcome Matte Frame Shop, as a tenant of the facility. The lease provides Babin with space in the Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre in exchange for her coordinating with artists and the public to provide art shows, workshops and being a welcoming presence in the Cultural Centre.

“Julie brought forward an unsolicited proposal outlining her solution to fill a gap in service at the Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre. Council is pleased with how the proposal fits our vision of a vibrant, active Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre, which serves as a cultural hub in our downtown area,” said Dagley. “We look forward to seeing even more activity in the building, to have her on site to assist artists with their shows, and to greet and welcome locals and visitors to the Cultural Centre as well as to the community.”

The lease outlines an agreement with Babin to have exclusive use of the workshop room, as well as shared use office space and shared use storage space. There are no additional budget expenditures being made by the Region of Queens Municipality, and the sales and commission splitting in the lease agreement will provide a small revenue stream. The Astor Theatre and the Sipuke’l Gallery are also tenants of the Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre.

“The Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre is such a fantastic facility that appeared to be underutilized. I thought I would submit a proposal, and if it was accepted, it would be a great way to contribute to the community while promoting arts and culture in a gorgeous setting. I am very excited to work with the arts community to help this facility reach its full potential,” Babin said.

Innovative new technology from local entrepreneur and recently retired professor of computer science, Rex Woollard, will be embraced by the Region of Queens as a tool to aid those visiting the area in learning about the best Queens County has to offer. Woollard is developing software for an interactive, self-serve visitor information program that will be developed into a touch screen visitor centre kiosk. The prototype will be tailor made for Queens County and located at the Liverpool Visitor Information Centre upon completion.

“We are pleased that Mr. Woollard will introduce his leading edge technology here in Queens and that it is the model that he will be able to replicate this technology for other communities across Nova Scotia,” said Dagley. “It is an exciting project and Mr. Woollard will be breaking new ground in enhancing visitor experiences.”

“Queens has much to offer local residents and visitors from around the world - its cultural richness, its deeply rooted history, its spectacular shoreline, its expansive lakes and rivers, and its diverse entertainment outlets. Queens faces the challenge of promotion. The Visitor Information Centre (VIC) has been a great promotional resource for years, but it is not staffed as an information centre throughout the year,” said Woollard. The kiosk he is developing will be available year round, even when visitor centre staff is not available. He developed similar computer solutions for the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology and Algonquin College, both based in Ottawa, and is eager to apply these skills to celebrate the unique charms of Queens. In the future, the VIC kiosk could be replicated at a very low cost at other important locations in the community.

Council also made decisions that will assist community organizations to make Queens County an active, engaged community pertaining to recreation and entertainment. Council requested that staff prepare a report on the possible direction to be followed after the presentation by the Queens Community Aquatic Society, which summarized the Aquatics survey conducted in the fall of 2016.

As well, Council approved a grant in the amount of $500.00 for the Liverpool Curling Club to host the Under 15 Juvenile Curling Championship from Feb. 10 – 12, 2017. The Championships will bring 29 teams of youth, their coaches, and families from across the province for the three day tournament.

In keeping with drawing visitors to the area, Council also approved support for the Kings Orange Rangers to develop an International Re-enactment Event on August 10, 11, and 12, 2018 in Liverpool, NS. In addition to their own members, the Kings Orange Rangers plan to have representatives from many groups throughout Nova Scotia and North America, which may include the 84th Regiment of Foot (Windsor, NS), 3rd New Jersey Volunteers (Shelburne, NS), Royal American Fencibles (Yarmouth, NS), 2nd Delanceys (Saint John, NB), and a number of American member groups affiliated under the Brigade of the American Revolution. As Council has provided support in principle, the next steps for the Kings Orange Rangers will be to develop a project committee, clarify roles and responsibilities, recruit volunteers, source additional funding and develop the preliminary event schedule.

“Today’s Council meeting saw the approval of several initiatives which will result in increasing the capacity of our community to offer residents and visitors a quality experience while having a positive impact on our local economy. Lively activities encourage people to relocate or visit an area for quality of life, business and recreational opportunities, also supporting a positive lifestyle for current and future residents,” said Dagley.

January 13, 2017; Liverpool, NS: Be prepared to be swept up in the excitement of the 2017 Maritime Broomball Championships which will take place at Queens Place Emera Centre, Liverpool, NS from April 28th through 30th. The three-day tournament will include teams from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island competing for the title of Maritime Champions.

“We look forward to hosting the Maritime Broomball Championship, and extend a warm welcome to the athletes and fans. Queens Place Emera Centre has a reputation for hosting fast paced, exciting sporting events, and Council is pleased that the 2017 Maritime Broomball Championships is coming here,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality.

“We are proud to announce that Liverpool, N.S. will be host to the 2017 Maritime Broomball Championships “ says Matthew Wainman, President of the Maritime Broomball Association. “This tournament will showcase the best teams and players in the Maritime Provinces in Men’s, Mixed and Women’s divisions and is expected to have participation from 15 or more teams representing Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Queens Place Emera Centre was host to the NS Provincial Championships in 2013. The MBA is pleased to be returning in 2017, as we know the region will do a stellar job in hosting and organizing this tournament.”

Broomball is a sport that is growing in popularity across the world and in 2010 was featured as a demonstration sport in the Winter Olympics.

Those interested in playing, coaching, refereeing, volunteering or wanting more information about this tournament are asked to contact the Maritime Broomball Association at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/maritimebroomball.


Due to a significant drop in number of users, the Region of Queens Municipality would like to advise the public that distribution of bottled potable water from the Queens Ground Search and Rescue building in Brooklyn will be discontinued effective Sunday, January 15, 2017. Since September, the Region of Queens Municipality has worked in partnership with EMO Nova Scotia and local community businesses and community organizations (including Queens County Ground Search and Rescue) to distribute bottled potable water to those impacted by dry wells as a result of the drought this summer. Many of the wells are now back to normal as the water table has filled through the fall and winter’s precipitation. As a result, there have been very few residents picking up bottled water from the volunteers at Queens Ground Search and Rescue, and thus bottled water will not be given out after January 15.

The Region of Queens Municipality would like to advise the public that access to free potable drinking water from the Municipal well located in Liverpool, NS, will continue.

2016 was an exciting year in tourism in Nova Scotia; the Region of Queens Municipality and the South Shore were popular spots for visitors from outside the province, with nearly 50% of all visitors coming to the South Shore! Check out the 2016 Tourism Review produced by Tourism Nova Scotia for information about what the visitors are doing while here and some interesting facts and figures about trends that are seen in tourism in Nova Scotia. There are quite a few shots that feature Queens, and the information is significant to consider as we position ourselves going into 2017.


Please click here for more information on these sessions.

Motorists are reminded that in accordance with Section 139 of the Motor Vehicle Act, no person shall willfully park or leave standing a vehicle, attended or unattended, on a street or part thereof which interferes or obstructs snow removal during or after a snow storm, or in any way obstructs winter maintenance, i.e. salting. Such vehicles will be towed away at the owners expense.

Further to Section 318 of the Municipal Government Act, snow cannot be plowed across any street or onto public sidewalks. Snow shall be stored on the property being cleared or hauled away and dumped in an approved location.
If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Municipal Bylaw Enforcement at (902) 354-3455 or the Region of Queens Municipality Traffic Authority (902) 354-5721.

December 14, 2016; Liverpool, NS: A full roster of seven Planning Committee Advisory Committee (PAC) members were appointed by the Council of the Region of Queens Municipality at the December 13, 2016 regular Council Meeting.

As per Operational Policy 60, half of the members were appointed to a one year term, and the others half appointed to a two year term. The appointments are as follows:

District 1 – Robert Ross (2 year term)

District 2 – Julie Petrella (1 year term)

District 3 – Melanie Newell (2 year term)

District 4 – Mary White (1 year term)

District 5 – Anne Conrad (2 year term)

District 6 – Paul Connolly (1 year term)

District 7 – Don Kimball (2 year term)

There were 13 applicants for seven positions; the Mayor and Councillors voted on the appointments in camera, and brought the motion into regular Council to approve the appointments.

The purpose of the PAC is to advise Council on issues relating to the preparation of, and amendments to, planning documents, and on land use planning matters in general. The group consists of three members of Council and one representative from each of the seven electoral districts. Council representation consists of Deputy Mayor Susan MacLeod, Councillor Heather Kelly, and Councillor Raymond Fiske. Meetings are held in the Council Chambers of the Regional Administration Building, located at 249 White Point Road in Liverpool, on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm. and are open to the public.



December 13, 2016; Liverpool, NS: The Region of Queens Municipality’s skilled workforce maintains many areas that are important to the lives of Queens County residents and visitors. The operations and services provided by the Region of Queens are diverse, and includes staff working in the administration office, Engineering and Public Works, parks and playgrounds, Queens Place Emera Centre, the Municipal landfill and Recycling Facility, as well as Hillsview Acres. Milestone achievements of staff were recognized with Years of Service Awards at the December 13 Region of Queens Council meeting.

“Council is proud to recognize these milestones celebrating the working careers of staff. Those receiving awards today have shown their commitment to public service and excellence,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “We are privileged to have municipal employees who remain dedicated to their work, while making it their career. All staff are much appreciated and respected by Council and the residents of the Region.”

Sixteen employees were recognized for five, 10, 15, and 20 years of service; those employees represent 200 years of cumulative employment. Staff reaching five years of employment includes Penney Benedict, Nicole Fancy, Jo-Anne Lenethen, and Roslyn Rowter. Ten year milestones were reached by Dana Henley, Donald White, Colin Hartlen, David Benedict, and Chris Wamboldt. Those with 15 years of employment are Wendy Connors and Valerie Rhyno. Additionally, Bradley Rowter, Kevin Weagle, Terri Munroe, Jamie Belong, and Gerry Matthews were recognized for 20 years of service.

Service Awards are presented each year by Council to staff who reach 5 year milestones.