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June 13, 2017;  Liverpool, NS:  The Region of Queens Municipality and Hines Proguide Limited (the owner of the Rossignol Cultural Centre) have agreed to a one year extension of the lease for the Thomas H. Raddall Library. The Terms of the lease remain the same as the 2012 lease, with the lease outlining a cost of $10.88 per square foot for the 4750 square foot facility.
“Extending the lease gives Council the time and space needed to deliberate long term options for library services” Said Mayor David Dagley “In today’s times, libraries have evolved and provide an immensely valuable community space for educational, cultural, social, economic, and recreational opportunities and interactions.  It is important that the Region look at what we need for space, and to ensure that space meets the long term needs of our community.  We will take some time reviewing our options, while maintaining communication with the current landlord.”

The Thomas Raddall Library is located at 145 Old Bridge St., Liverpool, NS, and is open Sundays from noon – 4 p.m., Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., Thursdays from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

June 13, 2017; Liverpool, NS:   Following a successful pilot year, the Council of the Region of Queens Municipality approved a one-year lease renewal  with Queens Association for Supported Living (QASL) for shared space at the Liverpool Visitor Information Centre (VIC) with the passing of a motion at the June 13th Regular Council meeting.  QASL will continue to operate the Penny Lane Express Shop at the VIC, as well as their staff and clients assisting in the provision of information to visitors.

“The partnership between the Municipality and QASL has been beneficial in many ways,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality.  “The partnership promotes diversity and inclusion, and while we maintain our traditional staffing levels at the Liverpool VIC, clients of Penny Lane Enterprises gain valuable work experience providing assistance in the delivery of information to visitors.  We are pleased that during the shoulder season when the building would traditionally close, not only will the Penny Lane shop be open, but the VIC materials will be present, allowing information to be available to visitors year round.”

QASL is made up of a team of employees and volunteers who work with individuals with disabilities in Queens County to make a difference in their lives; Penny Lane Enterprises is an adult training centre coordinated by QASL.  Offering program options and work opportunities to individuals with diverse abilities, clients of Penny Lane Enterprises receive life and job skills training, and work in the community.  The partnership with the Region of Queens Municipality provides clients of Penny Lane Enterprises with work place skills and experience, and the public learn more about social enterprise, in a diverse, inclusive community.  The Municipality will continue to staff the VIC with a full time manager and two staff, as has been done in the past, from June through October, and QASL will operate a gift shop, and assist with providing VIC services.

The terms of the lease include QASL operating the facility as a shop on a year round basis, with visitor information available all year.  The Municipality will provide the maintenance, utilities and grounds keeping of the property, as well as a wage subsidy to support the hiring of one part time client position for QASL in recognition of their work at the VIC.  QASL will maintain a year round shop and visitor services presence during the months that the VIC has traditionally been closed (from mid October up to and including May), 4% of products sales will be payable to the Municipality, and the clients and staff of Penny Lane Enterprises will work to plan and implement some community events at the VIC in cooperation with Municipal staff.

“QASL believes in inclusive opportunities for people of all abilities in Queens County.  We are proud of our partnership with the Region and the work we do at the VIC in providing our clients diverse training and employment in the retail and tourism sector.  We will continue to be a strong advocate for an increased understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities as we move forward. ” said Treena Dexter - QASL Executive Director.

The Liverpool VIC is located on the Liverpool waterfront, at 23 Henry Hensey Drive, and is open daily from 10 a.m. until 6 pm, May 29 – October 6, and Monday through Friday, 10 am – 4 pm for the balance of the year.

June 13, 2017; Liverpool, NS:  The services volunteers and community organizations provide is invaluable, and because of their commitment and dedication, the Region of Queens Municipality has a bounty of opportunities, events and programs for residents and visitors to access.  As a result of Council approving funding in the amount of $11,800 for 15 community groups and one athlete attending a National Championship, residents of Queens will have improved and enhanced recreational programs and much needed improvements to community recreation facilities.

“We are fortunate in Queens to have strong volunteer groups, who work hard for the betterment for the whole community, providing programs and services that in many cases would not be possible without their efforts.  Providing grants to non profit organizations for large scale capital projects to improve and maintain their facilities, and grants to help with the start up new programs, events or program helps volunteers focus on the important work they do,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality.

Each year, Council approves Facility Development Grants totaling up to $10,000 to assist community organizations in repairs and renovations to their recreational facilities.  Policy allows one Major category grant to be given annually in the amount of $5,000 for projects totaling $10,000 or more, and several grants to be awarded in the Regular category may be funded up to $1,500 each.  The Milton Community Association received the Major Category grant to help drill a new well.   Grants in the Regular Category of the Facility Development Grant were awarded to the Greenfield Recreation Association ($1,500), Westfield Community Centre ($1,150), North Brookfield Community Hall ($800), West Queens Coastal Community Association ($550), Pleasant River Community Hall Society ($400), Liverpool Baseball Club ($250), Hunts Point and District #3 Athletic Association ($200), and Mersey Point Community Association ($150) to support a variety of capital improvements to their facilities.

The Region of Queens’ Department of Recreation and Healthy Communities administer several grant programs with ongoing intake throughout the year to assist with program development, tournament and special event hosting, volunteer training and travel by local athletes or teams to compete in Provincial or higher level championships.  Funding was awarded to the Milton Dambusters Swim Team to obtain equipment for their fast growing team.  Ron Williams was awarded a Sport Travel Assistance Grant to assist him with travel costs as he represents the province on Team Nova Scotia at the National Darts Championships in Saint John, NB.  The Queens Memorial Car Show received a Tournament/Special Events Assistance grant to assist in the provision of the event on August 26, in Privateer Park, Liverpool.  Plant to Plate Community Garden will host a Food Fair/Harvest Festival on September 9 as a result of the funding received through a Community Recreation Assistance program grant.  The pickleball program, which was introduced in West Queens by the RQM Department of Recreation & Healthy Communities as a winter pilot program, has grown substantially in just a few months, and with the assistance provided by the grant, the West Queens Recreation Association will purchase their own pickleball sets to continue the program on their own.  Families wishing to try sailing will have an opportunity to learn through a Community Recreation Assistance Program grant submitted by the Queens Recreational Boating Association.  “Get Out on the Water” will be held on July 8, and is a free program that includes boat rides, knot tying, food, drink, music and water safety instruction.

“The diversity of the programs, events and services provided in Queens is quite remarkable,” said Dagley.  “We are pleased to be able to support groups in Queens who give so tirelessly to provide opportunities to others.”

Updated May 25, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.  Public Notice: Further Update Regarding Found Dog

Our Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Special Constable Kelley Anne Hurley has been working with local agencies to ensure that the dog has an opportunity to be rehomed, if it is assessed as adoptable.  At present, the custody of the dog has been transferred to another agency, and is being cared for in a facility, assessed and will be adopted out as per the protocols of that facility.  The Region of Queens Municipality appreciates the support from the community in trying to locate the owners, the caring shown for the well being of the dog, and the supportive words the community has given to  Special Constable Hurley, for the efforts she has applied to ensure the dog is safe and has a good chance of a future.

The Region of Queens Municipality would like to remind the public that under no circumstances are unwanted pets to be abandoned or surrendered to the Region of Queens Municipality.  The Region of Queens Municipality has a dog pound to house lost or wandering pets on a short term, temporary basis, until their owners are located.  The Municipality is not equipped, trained or able to deal with unwanted animals, or able to facilitate an adoption of an animal with an unknown background.

If the public has information regarding the owners of the dog, they may contact Special Constable Hurley at 902-354-3455.


May 24, 2017; Liverpool, NS: Overnight on May 23rd, a dog with no identification was left in a kennel in the Region of Queens Municipality’s parking lot. The Region of Queens Municipality’s Bylaw Enforcement department has attempted to identify the owners of the dog through several means, and is working with appropriate agencies to transfer custody of the animal.

Under no circumstances are unwanted pets to be abandoned or surrendered to the Region of Queens Municipality. The Region of Queens Municipality has a dog pound to house lost or wandering pets on a short term, temporary basis, until their owners are located. The Municipality is not equipped, trained or able to deal with unwanted animals, or able to facilitate an adoption of an animal with an unknown background.

An investigation by the Region of Queens’ Bylaw Officer will be ongoing, in coordination with other agencies. The dog appears to be a mixed breed terrier, medium sized, and is blonde in colour. Anyone with information that may help to locate the owners may contact the Region of Queens Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Special Constable Hurley at 902-354-3455.


May 23, 2017; Liverpool, NS: The Region of Queens Municipal Council approved a motion at the May 23, 2017 Regular Council meeting to provide support for the next steps in the community led local transit solution for Queens County. Next steps include Queens Care Society and the Transportation Working Group developing a Transit Business Plan and pre-pilot implementation, funded up to a maximum of $20,000 by the Department of Municipal Affairs and up to $6,500 from the Region of Queens Municipality.

“The Queens Care Society and the Transportation Working Group have worked hard to get to this stage, and have been successful in their application for funding through the province to move this exciting project forward,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “The Municipality has been able to provide some staff support for this effort, and have funding allocated to help move to the next step. The Queens Care Society will be working with the community and seeking partnerships to ensure that the project fits the needs of residents.”

A consultant will be sought to work with the Working Group to refine the business case. The business case will define the parameters of the program and what equipment will be in place to fulfill the transit needs in the community. It is anticipated that the pre-pilot operation of the local transit system will begin in the fall and through the winter.

May 23, 2017; Liverpool, NS: Properties that the Region of Queens Municipality has determined are surplus to the needs of the Municipality will be put up for sale. At the May 23, 2017 Council meeting, Council approved a motion that would see nine properties listed in the real estate market.

“It is important to unlock development potential in Queens, and in putting these properties up for sale, there is an opportunity for commercial and residential development,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “The properties were not utilized by the Municipality, and if they are sold will add to the Municipal tax base. Potentially, some of them may be developed to fulfill needs of community, such as housing or business development.”

Municipal staff conducted a systematic review of assets of the Region of Queens Municipality, with the intent to put underutilized properties on the market. Revenues from the sale of property and the resulting tax collection would contribute to advancing the priorities of the Municipality. Following the approval of the nine surplus properties, Council also approved a motion declaring the former Buckfield Community Hall surplus, and directing staff to begin the process of divesting that property.

A Commercial Realtor Services Request for Proposals was awarded to Turner Drake in June 2016; they will list the larger parcels that have subdivision opportunities. A short form Request for Proposal will be issued, and a local realtor will be selected to list the smaller properties. The nine properties have a total value of $158,900.

May 23, 2017; Liverpool, NS: A significant part of the history of Liverpool will be acknowledged through the renaming of a street. Council of the Region of Queens Municipality approved the renaming of Elm Street to Welder’s Way, a name suggested in a contest that the Municipality organized in March and April.

“Welder’s Way is a nice acknowledgement of the important role that that the ship repair and fabrication company Thompson Brothers and later Stenpro had on Liverpool over the years,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “Our economy and population was positively affected by the welders of Stenpro, and it seems appropriate and fitting to name a street located near the former site of the plant.”

The renaming of Elm Street came to Council following a complaint by the public regarding the presence of two Elm Streets in Region of Queens Municipality, including one in Brooklyn and one in Liverpool, which has caused confusion with couriers and potentially emergency response. Since the closure of a portion of Water Street, Elm Street was only accessible from one end, and has no street addresses, although it provides driveway access from it to two properties on Main Street.

Following further consideration of the matter, and specifically related to the fact that two properties on Main Street retain property (driveway) access from Elm Street, it had been determined that a better approach would be to simply rename the street instead of a full closure, which would create a scenario where the Region would still need to maintain the property as a street.

Twenty six submissions were received in a contest that asked residents of the Region of Queens to submit names to be considered. Region of Queens’ staff received the submissions, and removed names that were duplicate to existing streets, and also contacted individuals and the families of those whose names had been submitted for consent that their names be considered. Several names were removed at the request of individuals or the families of those nominated. Councillors ranked their preferences of the submitted names, and Welder’s Way received the top score. Welder’s way was the name nominated by Jane Dunlop-Stevenson of Liverpool, who noted in her submission, “Welder's Way....as it headed to Stenpro where much welding was done. I think they contributed greatly behind the scenes working, raising families, and helping the economy of our area, for a very long time. Recognize the little guy.”

The final list of names brought forward for Council’s consideration is as follows:

Frank Bell Lane

Vivian Burke Lane

Clarke Drive

Farrell Road

Sid Ford Lane

Ron Lane

Ron Lane Avenue

John Leefe Lane

Leefe Street

Leefe Lane

Tim McDonald Road

Tim McDonald Lane

Perkins Lane

Perkins Street

Simeon Perkins Blvd.

Polly’s Lane

Sanford Street or Sanford Lane

Short Street

Arthur Sproul Sr. Street or A. Sproul Sr. Street or Sproul Street

Terrance Warrington Road

Welder’s Way

Armand Avenue

Municipal staff will submit the name change for the street to a central database registry, to ensure that all emergency services maps and other electronic mapping systems are updated with the new name. A sign denoting the new street name is being ordered and will be posted on its arrival in a few weeks.

“Thank you to all residents of Queens for their thoughtful submissions of names in the contest, and a special thank you to Jane Dunlop-Stevenson,” said Mayor Dagley. “The names brought forth showed a great deal of pride in our community, and pride in residents, current and historically, who have made positive impacts on Queens County.”

May 9, 2017; Liverpool, NS: During the May 9th Regular Council Meeting, Region of Queens Council voted to enter into a purchase and sale agreement with a large Canadian developer. The agreement will be entered into with Plaza Retail REIT for an 84,100 square foot parcel of serviced land at Queens Crossing in Liverpool.

“We are very pleased that this land is intended to be sold and developed as a retail location. Queens Crossing is prime retail real estate, very visible from the highway, and adjacent to the great programs, events, and services offered at Queens Place Emera Centre,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “The lands at Queens Crossing have been marketed for several years, with the aim of attracting new commercial development to the area, contributing to the economic prosperity of the Region.”

Plaza Retail REIT owns and manages retail real estate in locations in Central Canada and the Atlantic provinces. The developer has interests in 297 companies, and approximately 90.7% of their properties are anchored by national companies as tenants, with 7.8 million square feet of retail space across Canada.   The company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The Purchase and sale agreement is due to be executed on or before May 12, 2017, with an anticipated closing date by early October, 2017. At the time of the closing of the sale of the property, details may be released.

May 9, 2017; Liverpool, NS:  At the Tuesday, May 9, 2017 Regular Council meeting, the Region of Queens Municipality Council approved a motion to accept an offer to purchase the 32 acres of property fronting on Barss St., Liverpool,  formerly known as the Nauss Brothers Lands.  The purchase and sale agreement will be with Kent Fields Estates Limited for a price of $55,000.00.

Kent Fields Estates Limited is a family owned residential property rental firm, based in Kentville, NS with developments in Queens County, and other areas of the South Shore.  The development will include the immediate construction of two eight-unit rental buildings.  Construction of future buildings on the property will progress as the market enables.

“We have seen the Whynot family development projects, both with the Quarterdeck rebuild and expansion, and the apartment complex in Bridgewater they recently constructed,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “We are pleased with the quality of work by Kent Fields, and are excited to attract this development to Queens.”

Terms and conditions of the purchase and sale agreement will be available following execution of the contract, and completion of all due diligence obligations.  These terms are expected to be completed by July 21, 2017.

May 9, 2017; Liverpool, NS:  Recommendations from the Joint Municipal Accountability and Transparency (JMAT) Committee will be adopted by the Region of Queens Municipality’s Council.  The Committee consists of representatives from the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities, the Association of Municipal Administrators, and the Department of Municipal Affairs.

The purpose of the JMAT report was to ensure that mechanisms are in place to support the requirement of local government’s transparency and accountability to the public, strengthen expense  policies, increase transparency of local government staff and elected officials expenses to the public, improve audit function of said expenses, and effect amendments to the Municipal Government Act.

“Council embraces these recommendations as consistent to our priority of governing to best practices.  More openness and transparency is good government and is expected by our community” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality.

“Our current policies highly align with the committee recommendations.  While there will be some subtle policy changes which will come back to Council in due course, we will implement the direction immediately,” added CAO Richard MacLellan.

The expense reports for elected officials and Municipal staff are posted on the Region of Queens website to accompany the quarterly financial statements, as was released in 2015/2016; this information is posted in the Council & Mayor section www.regionofqueens.com/council-governance/council-mayor-for-cg.
The Region of Queens Audit Committee will see a change as a result of the recommendations in the JMAT report.  Currently, the Audit Committee is made up of all members of Council, as is standard practice across Nova Scotia.  A volunteer will be sought to fill the position of Independent member of the Audit Committee, as per the recommendations of the JMAT report.  This volunteer position will be advertised in near future, along with the skills required.  A new Terms of Reference for the modified Audit Committee will be developed.

The adoption of the recommendations of the JMAT report regarding transparency and accountability supports Council’s strategic priority of governing to the best Municipal practices.

April 25, 2017; Liverpool, NS: Trails work in Queens County will progress in 2017, advancing non-motorized and shared-use trails throughout the county. Laura Barkhouse, Regional Trails Coordinator, provided an update to the Region of Queens Council on behalf of three Trails organizations in Queens County.

The Brookfield Mines Trails Association, the Queens County Rails to Trails Association and the Queens County ATV Association have all worked closely with Barkhouse, as they move their projects forward. She indicated that recent ACOA funding announcement for the Brookfield Mines Trails Association will allow the group to achieve significant progress in their multi-use trail construction, taking the project from Caledonia to Colpton. The 18 kilometre stretch of trail will have signage, gates, and benches installed this year. The Gold Mines Trail project was also funded in 2016/2017 in the amount of $5,000 by the Region of Queens Municipality’s Facility Development Major Category grant.

The work of the Queens County Rails to Trails Association has been progressing, and currently they are managing and maintaining a trail system that connects Brooklyn to Lunenburg County, Port Mouton to Shelburne County, and Summerville Beach to Silver Rock Drive. At present, portions of the trail construction are being completed, and planning and partnerships are ongoing. There are plans underway to include the Trestle Trail and the Trestle Trail Bridge in the trail system of the Queens County Rails to Trails Association. At present, planning is ongoing. There is a preliminary assessment planned for this summer to assess the structure, and route planning for connectivity is also underway. Based on the results of the assessment, fundraising will begin to support the construction needs identified. The group is optimistic that repairs could be completed in 2018. Barkhouse noted that prior to construction, community consultation will be part of the process.

Managing and maintaining the trail north from Brooklyn is the responsibility of the Queens County ATV Association. Currently, they are finalizing construction on this section of trail, and have established relationships with the Nova Scotia Departments of Natural Resources, Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, and Environment. These partnerships are crucial in planning the further development of the trail system in Queens.
Shared use trails have significant impacts on communities, Barkhouse noted, citing examples such as increased opportunities for tourism and tourism businesses, jobs in rural areas to support trail users’ needs, enhanced recreational and leisure/quality of life for the community and visitors, spin off business for existing and developing businesses from trail building and maintenance, and others.

A well developed and maintained trails system is a benefit to a community. Barkhouse advised Council that the top searches for Queens County on the South Shore Connect website (southshoreconnect.ca), a website that provides information about recreation, leisure and services in communities on the South Shore, were primarily trails/walking routes related. Carter's Beach, Thomas Raddall Provincial Park, Queens Place Emera Centre, Queens Rails to Trails Association, and the Trestle Trail being among most frequently searched topics.

April 25, 2017; Liverpool, NS: As the weather warms, more and more people are getting outside and are looking for ways to be active. The Region of Queens Recreation Department can help keep you moving, all year long!

At the April 25, 2017 Regular Council meeting, Diana Johnson, Municipal Physical Activity Coordinator, reviewed plans for expansions to the Recreation Department’s Physical Activity in Box program, as well as efforts the Recreation Department has undertaken to work with groups and individuals to offer physically active events and activities on the Liverpool waterfront this summer.

“Privateer Park and Centennial Park on the waterfront in Liverpool are wonderful assets in our community. We are fortunate to have large green spaces in the heart of Liverpool, and Council would like to see the waterfront parks be a vibrant hub of activity,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “It would be great to have events scheduled in the parks every weekend, all summer long. There are many groups in Queens who could help bring this vision to reality.”

Johnson has been making connections with groups and individuals to offer physically active opportunities, and advised Council that she would be pleased to discuss opportunities with more groups and individuals. She may be contacted at the Region of Queens Recreation Department to discuss having an event. One time or recurring events such as volleyball, washer toss, frisbee, and others would be welcomed, but people are needed to organize and move them forward.

The Physical Activity in a Box loan program has been well used, and Johnson’s plans to expand the equipment available will provide many warm weather opportunities for fun. The Recreation Department will add Twister, giant Jenga, large format checkers, washer toss, tick tac toe, installation of a volleyball net, and an array of sports balls, such as footballs, volleyball, soccer balls, etc.

The Physical Activity in a Box program was one of the first actions of the Region of Queens Physical Activity Strategy developed in 2010, and was put in place to encourage active opportunities for all at no cost. Since 2010, each year the Recreation Department has added to the program, which has both warm weather and cold weather equipment. Ladder golf, parachute games, flag football, a gps for geocaching, and Nordic walking poles are warm weather items, and igloo making kits and snowshoes in a variety of sizes are cold weather items; all are available to borrow for a fully refundable deposit.

For more information about the Physical Activity in a Box items, or to contact Diana Johnson regarding offering physically active programs or events in the waterfront parks, please contact the Recreation Department at 902-354-5741.