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The Joint Municipal Accountability and Advisory Committee have recommended amendments to the Municipal Government Act designed to improve public accountability.

Legislative Requirements (MGA):
44 (1) The council shall annually appoint an audit committee.
(2) The responsibilities of the audit committee include
(a) a detailed review of the financial statements of the municipality with the auditor;
(b) an evaluation of internal control systems and any management letter with the auditor;
(c) a review of the conduct and adequacy of the audit;
(d) such matters arising out of the audit as may appear to the audit committee to require investigation;
(e) such other matters as may be determined by the council to be the duties of an audit committee;
(f) any other matters as may be determined by the council.
Recommended amendments:
(3) An audit committee shall meet at least twice in each fiscal year.
(4) Subject to subsection (5), an audit committee must include a minimum of one person who is not a member of council or an employee of the municipality.
(5) Where an audit committee does not include the person referred to in subsection (4),
(a) the audit committee shall continue to meet and perform its duties and may exercise its powers; and
(b) the municipality shall advertise to recruit a person who is not a member of council or an employee of the municipality at least once every six months until the requirement is met.

Region of Queens is seeking applicants for this volunteer position on the Audit Committee.

Preferred skills and qualifications:
• Education and experience as an accountant, auditor, financial officer, or a position involving similar functions;
• Experience overseeing or assessing the performance of organizations with respect to the preparation, auditing or evaluation of financial statements and internal controls; Or,
• Other relevant experience.

Duration: Two year term

It is the desire of the Region to have this appointment in place prior to the presentation of the audited financial statements for 2016 /2017, which is anticipated to be before the end of September.

Please submit your application letter, outlining your skills and experience to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop off at 249 White Point Road, Liverpool.

Deadline: June 9, 2017


Richard MacLellan
Chief Administrative Officer